Andrew Lloyd Webber – This Jesus Must Die Lyrics

Good Caiaphas
The council waits for you
The Pharisees and priests
Are here for you
Ah gentlemen, you know why we are here
With not much time, and quite a problem here
(Crowd outside)
Hosanna! Superstar!
Listen to that howling mob
Of blockheads in the street
A trick or two with lepers
And the whole town’s on it’s feet
He is dangerous! He is dangerous!
Jesus Christ, Superstar
Tell us that you are who they say you are
He is dangerous, dangerous
That man is in town right now
To whip up some support
A rabble rousing mission
That I think we must abort
He is dangerous
Jesus Christ, Superstar
He is dangerous
Look Caiaphas
They are right outside our yard
Quick Caiaphas
Go call the Roman guard
No wait, we need a more permanent solution to our problem.
What shall we do about Jesus of Nazareth?
Miracle worker, pilgrim or fool
No riots, no Romans, no fighting, no slogans
One thing to say for him, Jesus is cool
We dare not leave him to his own devices
His half-witted fans will get out of control
But how can we stop him, his glamour increases
With every minute, he’s top of the pole
I see bad things arising
The crowd crown him King
Which the Romans would ban
I see blood and destruction
Our elimination because of one man
Blood and destruction
Because of one man
What can we do about this Jesusmania?
How can we deal with the carpenter king?
Where do we start with a man who is bigger
Than John was when John did his baptism thing?
Fools! You have no perception
The stakes we are gambling
Are frighteningly high
We must crush him completely
So like John before him
This Jesus must die
For the sake of the nation
This Jesus must die
Must die, must die
This Jesus must die

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