Ann Marie – In My Feelings-Treat me like somebody Remake lyrics

I’m drained physically, mentally, emotionally
I done gave you all of me
But still you couldn’t devote to me, told you bout the
N*****s in my pa** and how they hurted me
But you swore up and down that you wasn’t the same
And how you do s***t diffrently you tweaked on me
Thought I didn’t know bout the sh** n***a you was really on thought I didn’t know about the creepin and the cheating and
The sneakin and the hoes you steady textin on yo phone n***a yeah i knew yeah I knew n***a I was just waiting on you n***a
I was just waiting for the truth n***a but look what you do
Just let me go leave me alone you know damn well that you doing me wrong
You damn well I don’t deserve all the sh** that you do but you still blowing up my phone like “Bae wait do walk out” “Baby sit down lets talk about it” “Baby don’t leave just think about it”
And then I tweak about it
Cause now i’m in the position I was already in getting myself hurt over and over again but you doin all the sh** that you already did and i’m telling myself man we got years in this sh**
If I leave then that’s it, but i’m done with this sh**
I can’t take this sh** no more man tell me what’s this for man
What did I do to deserve all this pain gave you loyalty and all I wanted was the same gave you all my trust but you took this sh** in vain you tried play me like a goofy like I didn’t know the game but i’m done n***a i’m done witchoo this my message FROM ME TO YOU
You got me in my feelings (you got me) you got me in my feelings You got me (baby you got me) You got me (baby you got me) You got me in my feelings
I still love you, that’s the crazy part about it all. I’ll be lying if I said I wouldn’t come running when you call i’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t drop it all, f** them other n***as you know I put you before them all, I’m the one who’s been down through it all, I’m the one who picks you fall, I’m the one who held it down with no problem, When sh** got hard, so tell me what it is what the f** going on like?
Tell me what it is boy tell me what it ain’t tell me what you feel
Boy tell me you what you think tell me is it real tell me is it fake is it really what you want or you just playing games like
‘Cause sh** not adding up you steady tell me that you love me but you acting up and every time we move

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