Chad Cooke Band – Oil Man lyrics

Oil Man – Chad Cooke Band
There ain’t a darker night than the ones I’ve seen
When you’re too damn tired to even dream
But you come alive when the doghouse screams
Oh the oil field’s dark as money is green
There ain’t a headache like the ones that come
Between a two week hitch and a seven day run
Blood, sweat, spit and a filthy tongue
Oh the oil field hurts like a snake bite stung
So I’ll send a card for Christmas and birthdays missed
And I’ll sign the papers for the woman that I couldn’t kiss
And I’ll take the blame if I don’t make the good Lord’s list
But when I die I hope they know it was all for them
Cause I’d do it all over again
There ain’t nothing in the world like earning these stripes
Then getting put out of work when the price ain’t right
Yeah I left my soul, my pain, and my strife
Oh the oil field holes are filled with my life
(Repeat Chorus)
Well this hard hat and steel toes on my feet
Built the roughneck man that I’ll always be
Yeah and I did it all for my family
Oh rig up, rig down, this patch just might bury me

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