GDP – Someday When Things Are Good lyrics

Put my lessons in perspective, less unforseen expenses
I’ve drank the devil’s wine and i’ve used his inventions
I’ve slept in mansions, slept on benches
I’ve laughed in the face of d**h and messed up friendships
It’s all for granted, dammit. we spent it faster than we cash it
And we’re not scared of accidents
We’re growing older, hair turning silver
We wanna see the world, but still we gotta pay the bills first
We live another day to load the van and play
Paper over pocket change, apocolypse awaits
Maybe you’ll learn from it before we plummet
When the ground opens up like a coffin and we jump in
To the other side of hobo lullabies, drive
I’ve got a whole lot of nothing on my troubled mind
Drugs fly by, administered by miles
Sleeping sitting upright and dreaming of her smile
Like, she’s the one for me so we don’t use protection
She helped keep my head trip in check, lest i can’t sit still anymore
Los sientos, mi amor. but soon i’ll have to leave just like a hundred times before
When this airport’s got me down i call to see if you’re around
To pick up on the last ring and tell me to come back home now
Kissed the bangs out of your minty green eyes
As wide as the road that curls like smoke on a cold night
We make these long drives, and im not even sure why
The fear of what we’d miss if we didn’t fuels the whole ride
We’re all animals with tangible catacombs
The past is the present of the future, and after all
We only miss the things that give us what we had
When i wasn’t so detatched and strapped for extra cash
Innovating tracks and cursing for a living
Rocking in rooms sometimes I’m too tall to fit in
Making sense of our dead ends publicly
Finding our rhythms like the pads on a drum machine
And we, the decendents of the menzingers
Wandering along the same highway as the legends did
Like a van of gypsies, we go on our way
We feed the tank before ourselves and never say grace
Drifting lanes and wearing down the brakes
We feed the tank before ourselves and never say grace
Lights blur faces and i’ll never learn their names
We feed the tank before ourselves and never say grace
Cause you can kick us out the house, but can’t keep us out the basement
A thousand miles away from home, sleeping in a train station
You have to work late again, and now im wasted
A thousand miles away from home, dreaming of you naked
And when it all slows, my only hope is we’re together
And you’ll forget about my indecisivness and weary temper
And think of cold beds and hot s** so long december
When you were still in boston and i’d write you love letters
Just remember me like that, relaxin in your attic
Playin’ static age on wax, while i crack your toes and laugh about
The type of things we did with time to k** and lots of money
But im a ramblin man with a long night in front of me
From city to city, country to country
We bottle up and go, i know (…?)
Im a poor lonesome boy and im a long way from home
Got one hand on the wheel and four on the road

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