Infant Annihilator – Behold The Kingdom Of The Wretched Undying lyrics

I’m gonna drain your heart dry
I’m going to lap up every drop of hope and love and feel it run down my chin
I’m going to turn men into beasts and ruin their women and spit poison into their children
I’m going to scorch the earth with proper Old Testament despair
And teach them that the Gods are there to be feared
And everything you love will die
And everything you’re scared of will come true
[He, Who Dwells In Shadow]
The First: the orchestrator of the fall of mankind
He shall remain nameless, for his sins provide his glory
He who dwells in shadow…
It came to him in a vision
A blinding light – pure comprehension
His principle purpose, his calling to eradication:
Purge the world of all hope
A single voice from the shadow called to him
A hollow voice; swallowing, engulfing
Devoured by darkness, the blackest speech seeped into his soul
The blood of the serpent leaves him whole
The devouring darkness; the blackest speech stains his soul
The blood of the serpent; a pledging of power leaves him whole
Purge the world of hope
A vile proposal, sputtered from the demon’s forked tongue
The voice resonated deep within the mortal’s soul and at that moment the sky rained fire and the beings became one; Unholy Alliance
The legacy unfolds
[Chris Whited:]
The sky rained fire and the sea turned red with blood
Servant of God, bow to your Lord
The sky rained fire and the seas turned red with blood
Pitiful pawn, puppet of God
A single voice from the shadow called to him
A hollow voice; swallowing, engulfing
Devoured by the darkness, the blackest speech seeped into his soul, proclaiming:
“I am God Almighty
Walk before me faithfully and be forever blameless
Thereupon lies our bond; an ancient seal
For time to come we will give rise to legions of disciples
My bond in your flesh is to be an everlasting covenant
[Bryan Long:]
Circumcise every child born unto us, for they are our lifeblood
Defile the spawn of every heretic, for they are blasphemy incarnate
Castrate, neuter and mutilate in my name to safeguard the purity of our breed
Harvest the pelt of every innocent and have them pave the way to our future.”
And so it was
The first embodiment of The Child Rape Syndicate:
The Covenant of Circumcision
An abhorrent cult, ruthless in belief and merciless by nature
Answering to nothing but their own faith, none but the utterly devout were free from The Lord’s infinite wrath
Gloria ad ecclesiam. Fillii raptus in nomine deorum
[They, Who Hunt Beneath]
Depths of decomposing bairn flourish by the second, tearing through the taint of the earth
The infantry of infancy prowling the catacombs;
Lurking the gallows under this moonlit infestation
Commencing pyramidion indoctrination:
Harvest, process, repurpose; organic fertilization
Harvest, process, repurpose; organic fertilization
Harvest, process, repurpose; organic fertilization
“Praise our God Almighty! Walk before Him faithfully and be forever blameless!”
“Thereupon lies our bond; an ancient seal”
“Our time has come and we will rise as a legion of disciples. His bond in our flesh is to be an everlasting covenant.”
The trumpets bellow upon the pulpit beneath this monolith
As the ministry prays to the forbidding firmament
Fire burns the eyes of the tormented immature souls amidst the tomb of omnipotent sanctity
[Dillon Becker:]
Plagues of paedophilic disciples scour the land
Stalking through the hecatomb sylvan palace, hunting beneath
Footsteps fall faintly into earshot amidst the heavy breathing of the infernal savages
Their imperium illuminates through the decaying trenches;
The last light before the undoing of the world
Mount the flaccid fetile shaft
Serpents of the chapel swallowing the lamb
Raped to birth the next spawn of the sacrament
Cherishing the child
Preaching the ritual
Ripe, freshly blooming virgin moments into puberty devastated by these extremities;
Mistress of nefarious ceremonies grasping the thighs of the shepherd
“Eternally human, an unworthy prophet: my father, whom pillaged and cleansed on a voyage of impurity.”
“Eternally human, an unworthy prophet: my father, whom pillaged and cleansed on a voyage of impurity; a barbaric pastor procreating a perverted foul egg…
…And I am the son who was beaten and raped into divinity.”
[He, Who Holds Dominion]
He, who holds dominion is the keeper of a sacred tradition
The bearer of the cross, a divine ruler with a tainted vision
Their holy birthright: to stoke the embers of their father’s ashes;
Preserve the monarchy and strike fear into the ma**es
Predestined by God is the ascension of each new messiah
Born of a slain virgin in the dirt; Unholy Gravebirth
Raised with a single intention: to annihilate in The Lord’s name
The ancient ways are professed in the final teachings of a mortal becoming of age
He sits on his throne of infant debris
Spouting polluted words to a world on its knees
Commanding myriads of believers, impregnating his infant breeders
As he rises, the power within him demonises
He encroaches on the world with an empire hailing:
“Nail them to the cross and rape the bastard children!
Nail them to the cross and reap the souls within them!
This is the way of God. A culling of cattle and a blackening of innocence
Nail them to the cross, decapitate the infidels!
Nail them to the cross! Witness earth become hell!
Devour the entire world one pathetic life at a time until all light fails.”
[Rise Monolithic Overlord]
So, as our story draws to an end and hope began to fade from the hearts of the many
Existence became blight and d**h became vital
There was nothing left on this desolate plane except the twisted desires of the cult
Yet what they had done was merely the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche:
Through countless millennia the cycle of the anointed endured
With each successor they drew closer to their wicked intent:
To grant vitality to the one who would bring about the end of days
The Wretched;
The Undying;
The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch
Now a new dawn emerges, the prophecy converges
The endless debauchery and purges
Lead them to the perfect virgin wherein the seed is lain;
Both putrescent and profane
“Arise, great demon majesty!”
This is the time
The ceremony begins
The choir chants the symphony of the Great Awakening
“Amen oh father, oh grievous overlord!
We come forth bearing the celestial chalice of puerile pabulum:
A feeble specimen pinned to the altar –
The great slab of sacrificial bondage
Ready to be imbued in your will
In your name I pray
Heed my plea, come forth!
Rise, monolithic overlord!”
[Tyler Shelton:]
“The ways of our ancestors endure
Oh, how my father has taught me
Like his father before him
Following the sadistic scripture of perverted power
Pa**ed down through generations of paedophilic kingpins
I am the embodiment of holy rapists;
The manifestation of molestation
Embracing the divinity granted to me;
Enchanted by the unspoilt, glistening genitals
[Dillon Becker:]
Oh, how my father has taught me.”
“Child of filth, you have disappointed me
You are not worthy
The power you seek is beneath the virtue of our legacy
Abide or be abandoned.”

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