Newsies-Original Broadway Cast – King of New York lyrics

Ya don’t need money when you’re famous! They gives ya whatever you want, gratis!
Such as…?
A pair o’ new shoes with matchin’ laces
A permanent box at the Sheepshead Races
Pastrami on rye with a sour pickle
My personal puss on a wooden nickel!
Look at me, I’m the King of New York!
Suddenly, I’m respectable
Starin’ right at’cha
Lousy with sta’cha
Nobbin’ with all the muckety -mucks
I’m blowin’ my dough, and goin’ deluxe
And there I be!
Ain’t I pretty?
It’s my city
I’m the King of New York!
A solid gold watch with a chain to twirl it
My very own bed and an indoor terlet
A barbershop haircut that cost a quarter
A regular beat for the star reporter!
Am-scray, punk
She’s the King of New York!
Whod’a thunk! I’m the king of New York!
We was sunk, pale and pitiful
Bunch’a wet noodles
Pulitzer’s poodles!
Almost about to drown in the drink
When she fished us out
And drowned us in ink!
So let’s get drunk!
Not with liquor, fame works quicker
When you’re King of New York!
I gotta be either dead or dreamin’
Cause look at that page with my face beamin’
Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it
But I was a star for one whole minute!
[Dance Break]
Look at me
I’m the King of New York!
Wait and see!
This is gonna make both the Delanceys
Pee in their pants-sies!
Flashpots are shootin’ bright as a sun
I’m one highfalutin’ son of a gun!
I guarantee
Though I crapped out, I ain’t tapped out!
I’m the King of New-
Friends may flee
Let ’em ditch ya!
Snap one pit’cha
You’re the King of New-
Front page story
Guts and glory
I’m the King of New York!

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