NF – Epiphany lyrics

[Intro: Futuristic]
I had an epiphany
I was repeating history
I was doing everything I hated
The weight on my shoulders
I let it all get to me (I let it all get to me)
I had an epiphany
I just smiled at my enemies
I was listening to everybody who was talking
But never did sh** for me, yeah
I had an epiphany
I was looking at everybody else that’s up in the industry
They ain’t as sick as me (they ain’t as sick as me)
I had an epiphany
I was seeing somebody that never had no good intentions for me
Now she missing me, yuh (now she missing me)
[Verse 1: Futuristic]
Moral of the story is that nobody did it for me
Had to make a change (nah)
I was living in the city with no scene
I had a dream I had to make a lane (yup, yup)
Always knew that I couldn’t live off of minimum wage
Ripping the pay stub
I had a minimal taste for all the fame stuff
But I got into the game without a cent to my name
And now I’m ballin’ like I’m in the NBA, bruh
And I know I got a lot but I’m not content
If they ask me to stop, I will not consent
Never gonna let nobody block cause my shot to miss
You can meet me at the top if you hop the fence
And you climb the stairs
And you fight the beast
And you lose your way
Then you find your peace
And you do it sober
Then you find a drink
Then you spiral down
And it all repeats
And I always had a vision I could get it
So I did it by my lonely
I don’t owe nobody nothing, never let nobody own me
Got some money from the music, and I spend it on the homies
But don’t put nothin’ before me, gave a whip to little Brody
And I’m only getting started
And I’m eating with the people that I starve with
And my batteries, I had to recharge ’em
I made an album but that sh** was garbage
Yo, I was trapped in a gimmick
I finally get it
I’m here to make music that matters
If I die, it’ll all be alright
‘Cause the message I gave you will live for me after
And my chapter will highlight a lifetime
Of energy gave through a bright mind
How you never had to stand on the sideline
How you the guide to your own guidelines
[Bridge: Futurisitic]
That’s an epiphany
I had an epiphany, yeah
That’s an epiphany
I had an epiphany, yeah
[Verse 2: NF]
I had an epiphany
That I could make history
That I could prove everyone wrong
That told me I wasn’t cut out for this music thing, yeah
I had an epiphany
What if I took my energy
And used it on positive things in my life
Instead of the people that lie to me, huh?
Yeah, I had an epiphany
That I could put all of my hurt into music
And use it for people that might feel the same as me
Yeah, I had an epiphany
What if everyone knew my depression was worse than they thought?
They probably gonna look at me differently
Yo, this song got me going back, when I was a stupid kid
Thinking maybe I could make it in the music biz
And then I figured out the politics
And realized that half of y’all don’t even know what music is
Ain’t going nowhere, I told ’em to get used to me
Feels like I’m living in a movie scene
A bunch of people trying to tell me how to act and breathe
One thing I never let nobody ever do was tell me who to be
I never got into the party scene
Maybe I was just scared to drink
‘Cause addiction it runs in my family
That’s someone I was scared to be
You’re looking pitiful compared to me
Since I can barely read
All I wanted was somebody I could trust
That I knew would keep it real with me
Rap’s always been a mirror for me
That’s when I figured out that maybe I’m the one that’s gotta make it on my own, yeah, it’s clear to see
A lot of people think that what I’m doing is a gimmick
Everything you hear me writing I’ve been living
I ain’t quitting, send the money to my family
Try to show them that I miss them
And I cherish every moment when I’m home and when I’m with them
And this is the way that I feel
In the industry of fakes trying to stay real
In the industry of lames trying to get deals
Lord knows imma get it, that’s Meek Mill
Yeah, I lay in my bed at night thinking
“There’s got to be more to me”
I’m trying to pay off the mortgaging
But the life of the people I love in the midst of it
I’ve always thought that if
I learn from mistakes that I’d make
Even the losses are victories
That’s when it starts hitting me
If you set your mind to it you can do anything
[Outro: NF]
That’s an epiphany
That’s an epiphany, yeah
I had an epiphany
I had an epiphany, yeah

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