Tee Grizzley – From the D to the A lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Off top, run a n***a out his socks
n***as talk more than b**hes
n***as really be on cock though
Just f**ed a ho out in France
Paint her face like Pica**o
I iced out my vatos, I’m really up
Big a** Bimmer, big Benz and my Bentley next
Don’t play around on my phone, ho, gimme s**
Watch on my wrist out of date, but it’s Rolex
Grizzley up next, I’m up now
Strap your bullet vest
[Verse 2: Tee Grizzley]
550, 600 hundreds
700 20’s, let’s get straight to it
800 10’s, what’s that? 8 bands
Hit the store and get some rubber bands
Let’s get straight to it
Everybody come together, everybody got the plan
He came with you, so if he steal it fall on you, he on your a**
Have your mans call his mans, make sure they ain’t movin’ fast
Soon as they touch Atlanta, get with Boat
Secure the bag, n***a
[Verse 3: Lil Yachty]
Oh that bag secure, that’s on my mama, bro
Asian lil’ ho, she ride that dick, Yokohama flow
Made that sh** double, got an Uzi, I don’t scuffle
Not a banger but that banger in my car like an airbag
n***as only aimin’ in the sky, call those Air Mags
All up in Neiman’s, coppin’ sh** like f** a price tag
I’m ballin’, ain’t near a rap n***a in the game that I’m callin’
If I need help, I’ll dial it by my se-celf
[Verse 4: Tee Grizzley]
You swear your b**h faithful, she sent her location
I hit her at the trap in Decatur, she basic
Chop with the laser, get decapitated
Can’t smoke, I’m on papers, hold on… this my Jamaican (love one)
n***as want me dead, so I’m steady prayin’
Ain’t no disrespect without retaliation
f** a hotel, I hit her in the basement
Text her later like, “I’m done with you
I got a situation, baby”
[Verse 5: Lil Yachty]
Well sh**, bro, let me get her then
I’ma dog her out then switcheroo into the lion’s den
n***a talkin’ down, my bro got more heat than a fryin’ pan
Gucci ’round my hair, wrapped tight like I’m Taliban
[Verse 6: Tee Grizzley]
Like I’m Taliban, how we drop sh**, go
Lot of dreadheads, lot of chopsticks
Touch my n***a Yachty, get your top ripped
Don’t ask the price if you know you ain’t tryna cop sh**
[Verse 7: Lil Yachty]
You the type to look around but never cop sh**, ayy
I’m the type to buy the store, make ’em restock it, ayy
Beam on everything I own, I will not miss
Grizzley by my side like a pilot ridin’ cockpit
[Verse 8: Tee Grizzley]
Yachty I might stop rappin’ for this one reason
If the Feds hear this sh** I’m doin’ a hundred seasons
In the hood, shootin’ craps in my Yeezys
Put angels on you n***as who be playin’ like y’all demons, you dig?
[Verse 9: Lil Yachty]
Middle finger to them n***as hatin’ and fakin’
They plottin’ on my d**h, I give their mothers deep penetration
Diamond choker for some reason give me pure ventilation
Every real n***a livin’ will respect this collaboration
[Verse 10: Tee Grizzley]
We the bust down brothers, check the Rollies out
Say you winnin’ one more time, I’m pullin’ trophies out
n***as know we out, no Shaqs or Kobes out
In other words, I’m with all shooters that’ll blow you down
[Verse 11: Lil Yachty]
From the D to the A, put respect on it
If that’s your ho, why my dick got her mouth on it?
I’m from the south, I got diamonds in my teeth
I got fur on my fleece, my new ring could pay your lease
[Verse 12: Tee Grizzley]
Lease, n***a
Chain on my dresser next to my indictment
When they said not guilty I was so excited
From the A to the D, b**h you heard Yachty
Wraith comin’ this summer, I’ma have your b**h drivin’

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