XXXTENTACION – 13 Save me lyrics

f** We do it
b**h n***a got a problem
He could see me
Look a like a dark knight
All night
Black type
Red lips
Small Bite
Beat the p**y like the – aintthe son
Kiss the moon off night
Tragic that person that which we live
Run it
All this sh** we take to live
Damage i don’t ever wanna live
Evanish took your body on a trip
f** (3x)
We do it
[Verse 2: Yaprak Asimov]
They ain’t feelin’ me
God damn it I’m free
Snap on a beat
We play on repeat
It’s Y-A-P if you don’t know me
I’m a motha f**in genius
That make up this beat
What the f** are we doing
These n***as lookin’ real clueless
f** it lets do this
My n***as is ruthless
f** with the kid
Get spit like a doofus
I don’t f** with you or your crew
Motha f**a who are you
Beat a motha f**er to my own damn sh**
I got this b**h like got my spliff woo
We da sh** (that’s right)
We da sh** believe that (woah)
Come up in a buildin’ and we see these foes
Then we leave with they hoes
Oh sh** Yap Omiv Just f**ed your b**h
Dirty slut just want my kids
Wipe da mouth and blew me a kiss
Had to drop a number to f** her twin
And then i f**ed her twin
And then i f**ed her friend
And then –
He’s my motha f**in n***a I die for him
Sacrifice for him (Yah)
Now i got my n***a yellin’ save me
Then i got a b**h yellin’ save me
But i still f** you plenty
Only ride for my n***as
Even if they Crazy

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