Yung Bans – 4Tspoon lyrics

[Verse 1; Yung Bans]
I just asked my good lord for another day
Got my n***as in the bay, shooters in LA
Keep some hitters in Atlanta,[??] everyday
Baby give me good face with that pretty face
Gotta nice slim waist, high in taste
Bet a n***a needed it space, always in my way
Don’t bring that sh** my way, we not cool by the way
b**hes hoppin on my wave, swallowing my babies
In that new jeep Mercedes, b**h named Mercedes
[Verse 2; Playboi Carti]
b**h come my way but don’t bring nothing my way
All I want is face then get out my face
Yea that n***a hate but he stay in his place
38, right in yo face
Playboi keep a bunny right in his face
Ass so fat, she gone give me face
Feragamo waist, Burberry my taste
n***a hit my line, 2 phones come my way
I’m with a rich hoe… tell me where ya stay
Be right there, go pick em up, hit me right back

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