Yung Simmie – Lean With The Sprite lyrics

Turning up
And never giving a f**
I’m one taking it
[Hook x3]
Lean with the Sprite (x4)
Blunt rolled tight (x4)
Lean with the Sprite, blunt rolled tight
Girl and she white, that’s my type
She take pipe, she be cool
Simmie the n***a, I take ’em to school
Teaching ’em games and showing ’em flames
Now they know the name, I’m whipping the grain
I been in the game, giving ’em hell ’til they know the name
Puffing the smoke, now I’m high as a plane
While she give me brain, I don’t know her name
Pour up the lean and pa** it to me
Simmie the n***a, get gla**es and see that I come in peace
Chopper chop n***as and put ’em to sleep
Mami is ready, she feeling on me
Alphabet n***a, she feeling the G
Raider Klan mob and we come and we deep
Taking yo girl now she chilling with me
The one and the only, she think it’s a dream
Blunt rolled tight, who got the lean
Too turned up, who do it like me
[Hook x3]

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