A’me Lorain – Follow My Heartbeat Lyrics

If I live and I die
Does it matter at all
To anything else
In this whole world

If I manage to scale up
The highest of walls
To stand or to fall
Would it matter

Something in my soul sends me on
It doesn’t even know
How hard the way
Something even the darkest
Thoughts can’t scare away

I’ve got to follow
My heartbeat, wherever
Even if it bleeds, ooh, ooh, ooh
It’s all I know to do
No matter where it leads me to

If I cherish the truth
Or harbor lies
Would the world even care
How I chose it

If I showed my face
Or I wore a disguise
Would the world have
The eyes to know it

Something through the cold
Keeps me warm
Even as the passing storms
Throw rain
Something’s always there
No matter what it takes

[Repeat chorus]

Ba da da da…

Just a little dream
Is all I need
Even if it doesn’t
Change a thing

Every step I take
Will mean the world to me
And all that I know is this

[Repeat chorus 3x to fade]

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