Ari Lennox – Pop Lyrics

Mmm… Smokin’ on this dro, you don’t care You don’t judge me, you love me That’s why I keep you near If I pop this pussy, for you tonight Will you promise, baby Won’t you make a promise That I’m gonna be your wife? Adventure Time is what we got on Back that thing, back … Read more

A.CHAL – 000000 Lyrics

I could never be mad at you Pussy remedy like a Tylenol Remember being broke, I was eyein’ you Now I have you But keep it all a hundred, did you have faith? When I was around, you never looked my way This a fast life, mami, things gon’ change I was never the type … Read more

AmaLee – POP/STARS Lyrics

You know who it is Coming round again You want a dose of this? Right now it’s AmaLee I’m a goddess with a blade Baby come and shout my name Cause it’s time to get loud loud loud loud I could take ya to the top Take ya there and never stop Let you know … Read more

Aries – SANTA MONICA Lyrics

I’m homesick I’m homesick You remedy, hard to settle I climb your canopy, to make it rain from time to time Tell me things I don’t wanna know Said, everything’s fine, everything Ooh-ooh… Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh (I said everything) Ooh-ooh… (Where you’ll find me) Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh (Will I be) Runnin’ overtime, you got cold as ice … Read more

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