Avulsed – Let Me Taste Your Flesh Lyrics

Hidden behind on the internet anonymity A perfect place where to unleash my cannibalistic wish Through a delirious post written on a website’s forum I need a voluntary victim, sure there will be one Let me taste your flesh Let me eat you alive To my surprise I received an answer to my crazy ad … Read more

Ana Johnsson – Falling To Pieces Lyrics

Try to find a way to figure out What’s holding me down And it tears me apart now Tired of the weight I drag around Slowly breaking, I’m fading away Stumbling blind, I need some peace of mind So… Won’t somebody come around and save me I’m out here alone Falling to pieces I’m standing … Read more

Alligatoah – Es Gibt Einen Ort Lyrics

Yeah! Ha! Ey! Alligatoah, (Kaliba 69), Terrorstadt, (Deagle), 2008 (Aber dick), Yeah, (Triple Penis) 03.07. , (Yeah ah), Donnerstag, (Bitch) 23 Grad Celsius, (aha aha), leicht bewölkt, (ha) Ich habe mir den Zeh gestoßen W, achso ja, ja ehm Es gibt einen Ort, den hat der Teufel geschaffen Zwischen Bergen aus Fäkalien, Mäusen und Ratten … Read more

Adore Delano – I Adore U Lyrics

[Verse:] This is how it ends Never meant to hurt you I’m a pretty mess and I don’t deserve you I ran out of time and second chances Sorry couldn’t build your white picket fences [Pre-Hook 1] And I-I-I only got myself to blame [Hook:] Cause every time I see you, it’s like all I … Read more

Amy Stroup – Hold Onto Hope Love Lyrics

Hold onto hope, love I’ve searched high and low for you For you Each day gets closer So hold on stronger to me And you Someday soon, I’ll find you Someday soon, I’ll know you Someday, oh oh Yeah, oh So hold onto hope, love I’ve searched high and low for you For you Each … Read more

Abigail Washburn – Bring Me My Queen Lyrics

Take all my money Take all my dreams I’ll swim across your ravaging seas Just don’t play me the fool Don’t make it all new It’s time, time, time, time, time Bring me my queen She takes all my love Takes all my notions Tears them all down ’til the earth loses motion Bring me … Read more

Alpha Blondy – Fulgence Kassy Lyrics

Kassanguê djon bênan Kassanguê (bis) kabourou, djon bênan kabourou… Kana Kassy Fulgence Kassy, Kana Kassi oh! Kana Kassy Fulgence Kassy, Kana Kassi dê!! Alkiaman lôlo’n Allah benan djodi-Iman Alkiaman lôlo’n Allah benan djodi-Iman I sala lo’n mi-nan Demissin-Hou Kassila I sala lo’n mi-nan Tchê-kôrôba-hou Kassila I sala lo’n mi-nan Moussohou Kassila Kana Kassi BAFEREMORY Kana … Read more

Apache Indian – Chok There Lyrics

No.1 in a the Bombay chart Indian me a tear them apart When me come me bring a new stylee So listen crowd of people and you have to follow me Chok there – them a ball when they see the Indian Chok there – raggamuffin under style and pattern Chok there – when me … Read more

Alux Nahual – Lo Que Siento Por Tí Lyrics

Hoy que estamos solos te quiero decir lo que realmente siento por ti. No es amistad, como crees, es algo mas, Es algo que vive y crece y no puedo parar. Te quiero como a la lluvia las flores, Como al mas bello de todos mis amores. Te quiero por esos ojos negros, por tu … Read more

April Wine – Hard Rock Kid Lyrics

(tom lang/additional lyrics by myles goodwyn & mike stone) Published by goody two tunes, inc./additional publishers – bmi The boy inside the man, looks hard into the night The neighborhood can’t get to sleep The stereo is playing something hard and fast The boy is tough, he plays for keeps No one’s gonna tell him … Read more

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