Blueface – Deadlocs lyrics

Blueface, baby, on the deadlocs
Yeah, aight, on the deadlocs
On the deadlocs ooh, ooh
Finna over bleed this, lil baby
On the deadlocs on the dead loc
I ain’t turnin’ down nothing
I turn nothing into something, lil baby
On the deadlocs
f** a n***a talkin’ ’bout?
Seen him in person, now n***as wanna talk it out
That’s on the deadlocs
f** them cases
I don’t wanna see no judge, only blue faces
On the deadlocs
Yeah, aight
How you in the set all day but still can’t fight?
On the deadlocs
Yeah, Infant Mob
Broke lil baby, get off yo a**, get a job
On the deadlocs
Tatted to my face, f** a job
If I go broke, man, somebody gettin’ robbed
On the deadlocs
I don’t mean to be mean
Don’t chase me, b**h, chase your dreams
On the deadlocs
You scared of bein’ lonely, lil baby?
b**h, I’m scared of bein’ broke
On the deadlocs
Blueface versus your n***a, lil baby, thats like Benz vs Ford
b**h, I been had sh** these n***as can’t afford, yeah, aight
That’s on the deadlocs
Chase a bag, don’t worry ’bout what I’m doin’
I hate when I get up and the b**h ask, “Where you goin’?”
On the deadlocs
b**h, what is you sayin’?
All that playin’ hard to get, lil baby, stop playin’
On the deadlocs
Blueface k**in’ verses
Lil baby, I’m the flyest, show me who I’m versus
On the deadlocs
Blueface been a joint
Bet the 10 to 4 and watch me hit my point
On the deadlocs
Stylin’ without a stylus
Deuce in a liter got a n***a really vibin’
On the deadlocs
Gucci on my bag
Grammys on my neck, designer on my a**
On the deadlocs
Yeah, aight, how you n***as town
n***as socked you out and you stopped comin’ around
On the deadlocs
b**h, keep sh** player
As long as I don’t find out, lil baby, I don’t care
On the deadlocs
Why everybody wanna be a pimp now?
The b**hes gon’ snitchin’ in the end
On the deadlocs
If I go broke it’s kick door
f** a ho, lil baby, I need the dough
On the deadlocs
Stop playin’, Blueface the flyest
You n***as couldn’t see me on my worst day
I could sit here and talk off beat
My sh** still slap like a pimp on his worst day
Yeah, aight, on the deadlocs

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