Bryson Tiller – Canceled lyrics

[Verse 1]
Did you not, not tell me not to say another lie, lie to me
Not to play with you and I, I
Know somebody like you is hard to find
Put her guard up for my-
I know them n***as watchin’
They been scheming up and plotting
They been big sh**-talkin’ and hatin’
Got a n***a cautious, thinkin’ you would leave me
Trust and believe me
I know this sh** is easy, I know they want the Fiji
All them n***as thirsty, but you would never hurt me
Not like I hurt you, the sh** I do is hurtful
You feel like a damn fool
I wish I had a manual to better understand you (‘stand you)
You say I’m a handful, I’m in your head like Cantu
I tell you what I can do
Be a better man to you, this Henny made me ramble
Called and got no answer
Wrote this f**in’ anthem, alert you like it’s amber (like amber)
Distress to my damsel
But she say I’m canceled
[Verse 2]
I just got back in touch with her
Used to talk a lot, used to down to ride
I can’t do this hi and bye
Don’t see eye to eye but I know that we got time
To fix it, we not blind
Don’t know what I’m implyin’
I’m missin’ my friend dyin’
Without you, I been tryin’
These b**hes, they been wack
Can’t take ’em to get Prime for dinner, we did that
Can’t help it but nitpick the sh** that they did lack
Like throwin’ that sh** back
You know that I miss that
I don’t like the wig snatched
No, I like that sh** natural
Big mad ’cause I heard a n***a just bagged you
Big mad ’cause you lie about it when I asked you
f**ed on her, but knew it wouldn’t last
Even though she came fast, n***a, karma came faster
Seen you with the n***a in a pic, no caption
But the look up on your face say he better than the last one, damn
Called and got no answer
Wrote this f**in’ anthem, alert you like it’s amber (like amber)
Distress to my damsel (to my damsel, oh-oh)
But she say I’m canceled
I’m canceled, canceled
I’m canceled (f** does that even mean anyway?)
I’m canceled, oh yeah, yeah (canceled)
Don’t sweat it
I forgave but won’t forget it
I just cut into your schedule
Got your number from your best friend, yeah
Yeah, I been checkin’ for you
Know you been checkin’ for me too
Why they like to meddle up in what we do
Like they know the best for me and you
I just turned into your driveway
You were lookin’ at me sideways
You were throwin’ dirt on my name
Since I’m the one to blame
I, I apologize, yeah
I, sorry for the lies, yeah
For the lies, yeah
For the lies

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