Chalie Boy – I Look Good lyrics

[Chorus: Chalie Boy]
On My Momma (Momma)
On My Hood (Hood)
I Look Fly (Yeah)
I Look Good (Good)
Touch My Swag (Swag)
Wish You Could (Could)
I Look Fly (Yeah)
I Look Good (Good) x9
[Verse 1: Chalie Boy]
Hundred on a neck ware
Fifty on a stop-watch
Stare’in at the diamonds make ya bust it baby, hop-scotch
Over here to my spot
Say she wanna party
I do it big baby like my L.R.G
Show the Ed Hardy
When I’m feeling like a rock band
Eighty-seven jeans and white-T when on the block man
J’s still rocking
Forces still moving
Chuck Taylor´s k**ing
Adidas still grooving
Locs on my face
But that´s just the front
Take em off and show the haters when I wanna stunt
Get´cha high like a blunt
Rolling up the best
Fruity Pebbles got a hands rolling up my chest
With me you don´t wanna mess mayne touch my (swag)
Thousand dolla bandanna make ya throw the white (flag)
Get into the whip game
Momma had the bread
Paint grain woman this swang thang make ya mad
[Verse 2: Chalie Boy]
Ballin´ is a drug
That I don´t mind abusing
Gucci on my body Jay walking in the fusions
Hit the La-Tex get it poppin´ in the illusions
Tell ya right now plex-c catch contusions
Cool as a fan
Hot like a flame
Boys throw a Haterade on me still ain´t his thang
Double shots rain
Hand on Patron
Round of that white and all the depend what´cha own
Shawty jocking my cologne
Creed, it´ll make ya hurt
Three hundred a bottle
Thirty dollars for a squirt
Got´cha sweating out´cha shirt
You can get the biz
Sumthin´ on ya mind
What it do what it is
Can´t close your eye lids
See the fit in the fiddy
Yup guilty I´m ballin´ but I better get acquitted
Gone in a minute
Probably hate though
I put it in ya face bro I stay throwed
Oh My Momma (Momma)
On My Hood (Hood)
I Look Fly (Yeah)
I Look Good (Good)
Touch My Swag (Swag)
Wish You Could (Could)
I Look Fly (Yeah)
I Look Good (Good) x9
[Verse 3: Chalie boy]
Shawty´s in the club yeah
See a lot of BB
Gucci and Niche and B.C.B.G
Dolce & Gabbana oh I want em I´m a pardon me
Rocking your Republic Apple Bottom in that Marten-V
Slowly to some R&B
Think we need some R&R
Take me to the V.I.P. and drive me like a foreign car
Poppin my purple label
Ralph Lauren collar
Look like money
Smell like dollars
Shawty look s**y
Smell like Prada
Christian Louboutin make ya hating hoes holla
Pop a Grey Goose bottle
And let´s carry on
Grip ya baby fat back
Trojan me carry me home
Thuggin´ make ya momma moan
Got a Blackberry phone
Try´na catch me sliding in a hostel-dairion
Ya make the band like Sean Cole
Two fly to be shown
C.H.A.L.I.E. I´m gone

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