Chance The Rapper – Heaven Only Knows lyrics

[Intro: Lido]
That’s why I love it, I love it, love it, I love it, love it, I love it (x4)
[Verse 1: Towkio]
Look, my girl tripping
Say I treat her like a groupie, but I never took a groupie out to eat
See I’ve been balling, I’ve been popping, I’ve been bubbling, I’ve been buzzing
In my city, women love me, think I’m pretty
And they confirm it, whenever they see me in person
If I said it I meant it, I said it on purpose, don’t sleep on that furnace
‘Cuz boy we hot, and its my job to make you think, and make music that you feel
And these songs should make you sing
Ohh ohh ohh, heaven only knows
I guess we’ll never know
What we need to know, where we need to go
Minding right field like I’m Ichiro
I shed light, they need to grow, f** ’em all
f** they friends, f** they car, f** your brand, f** they blogs
It’s SAVEMONEY, we an army full of generals, here to push they envelope
And change what they think, its my job to make them think, and make music that they feel
So these songs make them sing like:
[Chorus x2]
Ohh, ohh, ohh, where the air will go
Will I ever know?
Heaven only knows
[Bridge: Lido]
That’s why I love it, I love it, love it, I love it, love it, I love it (x4)
[Verse 2: Chance the Rapper]
If I drop it, they gonna cop it
I might start a non-for-profit, my poppa say “Chancelor, I am so proud of you.”
Like my beats they made all of them, kick my feet on the ottoman
I just might run for Alderman
You got power too
Sneak that rap, put a message in, its that sugary medicine
Feel like the intro, but better than it’s ever been
Jumping like checkers, clever like chess is
Smoking like purp is, perfect like Surf is, deeper than surface
Anxious and nervous, the world isn’t flat, its sharp as a circus
It’s starving like sharks is, that’s looking for surfers
I’m not in the industry, not in the service, not in to retail
Not into nodding my noggin, neglecting the detail
I’m only beginning, behold magnificence
Brown-skinned black boy when his dread-head friends tall and omnipotent
You choke like cinnamon, you broke I been the man
Triiibe, SM and 197 at your f**in’ neck boy
[Chorus x4]
[Outro – Chance the Rapper]
Ay yo, why you about to have the hottest tape of 2015? It’s stupid
This song is already so hot, I’m actually just glad you let me rap on that b**h

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