Charlotte Diamond – I Wanna Be a Dog lyrics

Oh, I wanne be a dog
I wana wag my tail
Chase cars and knock over garbage cans
Bite the lady that brings you the mail
Oh, I Wanna be a dog
I wanna dig big holes
I wanna sniff french poodles and ba**et hounds
And look for telephones poles
Oh, I wanna be a dog
I wanna big wet nose
I wanna run in the street, get much on my feet
And jump on to your clothes
Oh, I wanna have dog breath (yuck)
I wanna learn how to growl
Scratch fleas and ticks, run after sticks
The moon will make me howl
Oh, I wanna be a dog
I wanna lie around
Being human these days is getting too crazy
I just wanna be a hound

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