Cody Jinks – Cast No Stones lyrics

[Verse 1: Cody Jinks]
I cast no stones
I build no walls
And I tell the truth
Truth comes to call
I try to walk
That narrow way
Sometimes I go over the lines and I won’t make it back till the next day
[Chorus: Cody Jinks]
But I cast no stones
What gives you the right?
To tell me my business
Good God man, you’re out of your mind
So put up your Bible
Or let me get mine
I’m not dragging the whole world to hell
And waisting my time
[Verse 2: Cody Jinks]
I don’t talk with Jesus
As much as I should
I don’t read that good book
Everyday like I could
But I like to stop
At the end of the day
I pray that I hurt nobody
And somebody new found their way
[Chorus X2: Cody Jinks]
[Outro: Cody Jinks]
Say a prayer for me brother
And I’ll see you on down the line

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