Dan Bull – Minecraft Creeper Rap lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m a Creeper
Minecraft’s Grimm Reaper
Blowing up blocks like Al-Qaeda
I’m not a creature that’ll eat ya
But I’ll leave ya petrified, Peter!
Reminds peeps of Minesweeper
Clicking on a brick, then you die in the deep
I’ll find your mine, I’m a mind reader
Now the mine is mine, it’s finders keepers
Oh hai, I’m a creeper
So nice, nice to meet ya
Is that the time? It’s time to leave
And tick
Boom boom boom!
I can’t stop singing this bloody tune, tune, tune
It’s gonna make my brain go boom boom boom!
I can’t stop singing this bloody tune, tune, tune
(Pew, pew, pew)
[Verse 2]
I do what I wanna
Move aside, mama
Tick tick, I’m a suicide bomber!
I take control, then I’m gonna
Leave a gaping hole, Belladonna
That’ll take its toll
When I’m on a quest to invade
Detonate your soul!
Fizz like a lemonade then blow
So you better stay indoors
Or I’ll find your mine when you’re mining ore
You’ll be dying, lying in gore
Darling, ow, what you crying for?
Did somebody break your diamond sword?
I’m the volatilest sort
What a violent force
That’ll frighten Spartans hark and hear Leonidas talk
When he sees me: “Tonight we dine indoors!”
[Verse 3]
It’s official
A ballistic missle
Couldn’t get this result
I blow through stone like a six foot chisel
So you better shiver when you hear that sizzle
Fffffo shizzle!
Take a listen!
It’s a premonition of my mission
d**h by demolition!
If I don’t come home there’s a sign in my kitchen
To describe why I’m missing: Gone fission
White hot raps
I got stacks
Sometimes when I die, I drop tracks
I got a lot
Fight off cats
If I’m feeling nice, then I might not…
My hobbies and interests include going…

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