Destiny's Child – The Proud Family Theme Song lyrics

[Verse 1: Solange]
You and me will always be tight
Family every single day and night
Even when you start acting like a fool
You know I’m loving every single thing you do
I know that I can always be myself
Around you more than anybody else
Everyday as I’m heading off to school
You know there’s no one I love as much as you
[Hook: Destiny’s Child]
Family, a family
Proud family
They’ll make you scream
They’ll make you wanna sing
It’s a family thing
A family thing
Proud, Proud family
Proud Family
They’ll push your buttons!
They’ll make you wanna hug ’em
A family, a family
Proud, Proud family
[Verse 2: Solange]
I sleep tight, knowing that you’re there
I look around me, you’re everywhere
In my heart and even in my soul
You know I take you every single place I go
Everyday, I’m hanging with my friends
Got school, but when the day ends
I wanna feel the love I know is really true
I only wanna feel how I feel when I’m with you
[Verse 1]

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