Dj Dimplez – Rands and Nairas lyrics

[Intro: DJ Dimplez]
We got the rands
AB Crazy
We got the nairas
Emmy Gee what
Hey hey hey
Dj Dimplezzzzz
[Chorus: Emmy Gee]
I’m out here grinding my baby girl know
My precious thing she know that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
I know the money coming I can feel it in my soul
Yeah we be popping bottles from Jozi to Lagos
I’m out here tryina get the rands and nairas
Rands and the nairas ,rands and the nairas you know
I’m out here getting rands and the nairas
Rands and the nairas popping bottles from Jozi to Lagos
You know oh oh
[Verse one: AB Crazy]
I’ll b going in (oshe)
Can i take you with your friends
All the way to Lagos for a hell of a weekend
See we can do clubbing
Unlimited bottle’s popping, guaranteed you getting all wet
But tomorrow ama take you shopping (Braaa)
Cus am a Naija boy forever
Khaki no be leather but teamtalkless say’s my sweater
If money be the motive baby girl you in a circle where my team stacking them guap no matter the change of weather….(heyyyyy)
So why your man still complaining, just tell him you’ve upgraded To a different kind of level Where you getting all you need
Your desire cost a lot of cash
Am on my grind so money ain’t no f***ing thing
[Verse two: AB Crazy]
If it do not k** you probably mean more digits
You in the music industry I’m in the music business
Nowadays it’s hard to tell which rapper’s the realist
They let the fingers do the talking on twitter they spilling their feelings
Wake up and smell the roses, music done chose us
Popping bottles in Lagos line we suppose to
They Tryna block us coz they know we getting closer
Ask em why they mad they’ll tell you AB Crazy
No disrespect to the greats but I’m on my way I cannot wait
I don’t mess around with you rappers but I love the fact that you hate
Real g’s I see in us, only in God we trust
Rands, nairas, let’s get it my dawgwe must
[Dj Dimplez]
Africa stand up
It’s your boy dj Dimplez
East ,west ,north ,south
We the future
Come oooooon okay!!!!

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