Doughboyz Cashout – 9 x Outta Ten lyrics

Nine times out of ten if you see me cruzing
Nine times out of ten I bet the car roofless
Nine times out of ten I’m in the club fooling
Nine times out of ten all the hoes choosing
Nine times out of ten if you ain’t with us you losing
Nine times out of ten I might (stuff) stupid
For everybody saying one just what I’m doing
Nine times out of ten man yo boy fooling
[Verse 1:HBK]
Girl you like the (brightlin)
Rocks everywhere, call it diamond island
Hoes throw that p**y at you when your diamonds shining
We really do this sh**, motha f** the rhymin’
If I ain’t in these streets then I ain’t gridin’
Probably watch flat screens, let the seats reclinin’
Hit the bar, tell the waitress that I want the finest
Looking through my Cartie shades to see which b**h the finest
I’ll be blowing on that loud, never smokin silent
I’ll be going up to Hutch to get my buffs tightened
I’m a young n***a I heard you got these hoes fighting
b**hes trife but I’mma tell you something * trife
Ice my charm gotta lick it like lightning
In this drop top vette and I ain’t gotta licence
I love b**hes but I can’t treat them all the nicest
Cause they’ll stab you in your back when you show her kindness
[Verse 2:HBK]
Girl you wanna f** me
Spend so much money on this ice buffies
I’ll be looking so clean in Polo rugbies
I’m living life and I swear a n***a feeling lucky
Polo sheets on my bed got me feeling comfy
My son and nieces run around our house in Gucci onezies
Who wanna * wanna rub me
Smell that D and G cologne when your girl hug me
And she got a fat a** and that b**h ugly
I’mma tell her like this b**h don’t touch me
Yeah I wonder why my old b**h tell me that she love me
Cause a n***a bout bubble, it must be
I’ll be in VIP blowing on that musty
Louis belt without the shoes, dog, your styles rusty
I’mma doughboy so you know I’m about my money
Five G’s around my waist thanks to my undies
[Verse 3:Payroll]
Ten times out of ten I got a cannon on my waist
Breitling on my wrist, ice dancing in the face
The profit came back I had to cram it in the safe
I’m a busy n***a ho, I’d rather ram, f** a date
Flat screens hanging on the wall in the crib
Only Rose and Voss waters all in the fridge
Used to hit Canada with bows in the big
Heart dancing in my chest saying prayers in the bridge
Nine times out of ten it’s Gucci or Louis on my back
I play the chill role, Air Maxx’s and snapbacks
I’mma doughboy b**h you a well known loser
Green Gucci sweater, hoes call me Freddy Krueger
I fell out with some n***as but I’m buddies with my j**eler
Me and Chaz wit the shooters at the bar drinking shooters
I got a girl coming to my Suite, bring her friend
Cause I’m with Kid and we don’t switch up, nine times out of ten

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