Doughboyz Cashout – Closer To My Dreams lyrics

[Verse: Doughboy Roc]
Sometimes this fast money be comin’ to slow
I been tryna win the race, seems like I’m running to slow
Every day I’m strapped, can’t get caught slippin’
And a n***a so stressed that he always drinking
And a n***a so high that he always thinking
n***as be so high that he always thinking
Tryna come up with a strategy to come up mathematically
When you fall off everything change drastically
Used to drink white now it’s brown, Nino
Pockets change, [?]
I’m tryna come up, maybe [?] a mill or two
I’m far from perfect, I done popped a pill or two
I done hit a lick or two, my girl ain’t gon’t speak with you
She gon’ find a richer boo, yeah she gon’ dip on you
Not because you not a lover or you don’t know how to treat her
But you keep it movin’, make her a believer
Get that two-seater, [?]
I’m like Trey and Drake I just wanna be a successful
Life a b**h, if you happen to sneeze she wouldn’t bless you
She wouldn’t help you, you gotta be self motivated
And when you make it to the top, they gon’ be hurt you made it
Stay down or come up
Stay strapped, run up
You losing, get your a** murked, inclusion n***as get shirts
Reminiscing, pourin’ liquor out
I done got the big picture, I can’t leave Amanda
And I can’t leave Shironda, plus I can’t leave Ginoba
My daddy raised a soldier, so if it’s me or you then it gotta be you
A n***a tryna rob Roc, then he takin’ a view
They say revenge is a sin but in the streets it’s a must
I used to go OT with crack and pills on the bus
Tryna get my bread up so I can come back and splurge
Ever since 8th grade, I had a way with these words
I done did a lot of sh** I’m kinda feelin’ like a veteran
I just wanna make it big and speak my testimony
n***as say I’m good, but I ain’t good where I’m at
I just wanna feed my fam and put my hood on the map
The D a jungle and I’m through it like I’m Tarzan
Phone doin’ numbers [?] mad man
The streets want what you got not what you have man
I came a long way, used to hand to hand with fiends
Picked up the [?] now I’m closer to my dreams
No lie, real talk I spit the truth on these beats
And if this rappin’ don’t work I’m still off in these streets
To them haters, sending shot at us I’m headed your way
Got our city on our back with no radio play
DJ’s tryna ho us, they don’t show us no love
So when you see us in the streets ain’t no ‘wa**up cuz’
Now I laugh at them n***as who thought they was ahead of me
That gangster sh** run in my veins, check my pedigree
Get money, they act funny that’s how the chatter be
Extendo pokin’ out of the T, that’s what you better see
Get your a** dropped quick, Roc got them hands
But I’ll whip that pistol out, pop you and your man’s
Hop in the whip [?] gas, now you on the [?]
With cheese on your head like a nacho
Call my goons they goin’ pronto
Yeah I’m stackin’ for security, it’s all about security
[?] shows, ice [?] no security
Still takin’ bucks with your maturity
Downtown plottin’ tryna take a n***a j**elry
I knocked the hustles, I been through them struggles
But if you run up on me, I ain’t boostin’ I’ma bust you
These n***as talk like b**hes and these b**hes f** like n***as
You thinkin’ she want you for you, but want you for your figures
She actin’ like she love me, she deserve a Grammy
I just want some s** then I’m on to the next
Stick on my lap, so her man is not a threat
Never really worry, plus that Robert Horry
I remember back when I k**ed him with the [?] at the [?]
Pullin’ number, scared to call a hoe
k**ed him at the basketball game, [?] show
Take you back down memory lane
When was the only young n***as in the city with frames

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