Drake – Tuesday (Remix) lyrics

[Hook] x4
Club goin’ up, on a Tuesday
Got your girl in the cut and she choosey
[Verse 1: Game]
Squad goin’ down, I’m at Supperclub
Girls pointing at my table, tryna f** with us
They know we goin’ up, cause it’s Tuesday
She off a xanny and they bought to play that Boosie
I told her f** it up, here go a shot of D’usse
Now go and back that a** up to this Juve
And let a n***a hit
(He ain’t gotta know you going home with me)
I told that girl to, strip
You can hit the weed (But don’t fall asleep on me)
You about to get this dick
It’s too late to try to back down (back down)
She said tell Drizzy this my sh** (sh**)
I’ma tell him later, lay your a** down (remember)
‘Cause them legs going up..
[Verse 2: Drake]
Squad goin’ up, nobody flippin’ packs now
I just did 3 in a row, them shows is back-to-back to back now
Put the world on our sound, you know PARTY and The Weeknd
Ain’t got no motherf**in’ time to party on the weekend
Tell Gelo, “Bring the juice, we about to get lit”
Fill the room up with some “tings”, one night off and this is it
Always workin’ OT, overtime and outta town
sh** is crazy back home, it k**s me that I’m not around
I think we gettin’ too deep; sh** I’m talkin’ might be too true
Upstairs I got xan’s in an Advil bottle, I don’t take them sh**s
But you do, so I got ’em for you
I don’t need the pills, I’m just gon’ have another drink
And when I’m puttin’ work in on a weekend
I’ll look back on this and think how we have the club going up
[Hook] x4
[Verse 3: ILoveMakonnen]
Workin’ Monday night, on the corner flippin’ hard
Made at least 3 thousand, on the boulevard
I’ve been workin’ graveyard shifts every other weekend
Ain’t got f**in’ time to party on the weekend
I’ve been flippin’ in the house, makin’ juugs on the highway
I’ve been ridin’ out of state, makin’ money like my way
I don’t think that I should dance, I’m just gon’ have another drink
I’m doin’ my stance, you know my molly prant
I got the loudest of the loud, you know my gas stink
My P.O. think I’m in the house, don’t give a damn ’bout what she think
[Hook] x4
[Bridge: ILoveMakonnen]
And I know I know how I made it on my own
I made my own style, I don’t think that I should stay
You know I gotta’ go, you’re moving too fast
Don’t wanna take it slow
[Hook] x4

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