G Herbo – Letter lyrics

No, this a letter to my son
I had to write off the pad ’cause I done broke my phone
I ain’t even gon’ get another one honestly
I don’t even care ’bout that type of stuff no more
That’s slow stuff, it don’t even matter
I got a shorty on the way so
I gotta change my ways
Might as well start to watch what I say
I grew up a bad example
Lately I can’t smoke where I lay
I don’t wanna set bad examples
All good, ain’t no smoke with my lady
We at peace in the house burning sages
She just walking around saying prayers
In a few months, you’ll be here in April
Brand new room for you, right now we making it
Even though I know you’ll never stay in it
On the 48th floor where we staying at, that’s just my lil’ way of saying we making it
Daddy still gotta go hard to stay with it
Family all out of harm’s way, we safe with it
Don’t spend no more, lock the safe up, we saving it
Just so you straight, ain’t it
I give you all that I am
Teach you all of the things that I learned on my own, but they made me a man
You ain’t gotta grow up in the streets like I did, I lost the bestest of friends
I did make sacrifices for them
I did everything for everybody but myself and I felt like less of a man
Don’t gotta tote gas on Ess** again
[?] blessing, amen
Mama ain’t stressing, amen
Put family first as long they do the best that they can
Just watch for the snakes, everybody that hate, wanna smile in yo face and watch you make
Just ’cause you born great, in the womb eating steak
High seats in the Wraith and estates
Yeah, I bought yo mama a Range, 90K
I bought my mama a

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