G Herbo – We don't love these hoes lyrics

[verse 1 Herb]
I don’t love no hoe, that’s cause I’m a dog
These b**hes call my phone, I don’t pick up at all
They want me cause I ball yea b**h I spend it all
Spend money like a boss, I don’t shop at the mall
These boys want me to ball, at clubs they want to brawl
But we don’t fight at all bro let that 40 off
These b**hes on lil herb they love the way I splurge
When she get on my nerves I kick her to the curb
On to another b**h I got her s**in’ dick just cause the way I spit come s** a rapper dick, b**h s** a trapper dick I spend them racks for sh** six eight the stack I hit and I bet it back I miss

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