Ghostemane – John Dee lyrics

[Verse 1]
f** everything I’m gone
Leave it alone
Every time I get so close then it all gets blown
Don’t play along
Everybody think they know but they all just clones
Marching along
Really wanna give my skull a brand new hole
But I won’t though
I don’t wanna get no blood on my grandma’s floor
Burden my soul
One foot in the plane and the other one in inferno
Master your alchemy, master the world –listen “As Above So Below”
p**y a** b**h don’t know a damn thing except what the f** you told
You cannot f** with a level 10 mage like Ghoste
[Hook x2]
(Bish) I wake up in the morning feeling like I’m John Dee
Got my black magic book and drew a circle ’round me
Bish I wake up in the morning feeling like I’m not me
I’m a beast I’m a k**er I’m a young Crowley
[Verse 2]
Come to my show
Get f**ed in your soul
Spitting that hate
Better get ya a** on
I gotta a lot of sh** but no control
Draw me a circle round me on the floor
Summon the dæmons that worship the goat
Deep in abyss here they come and they go
Snatching your soul leaving just skin and bones
Eternal torture I’m stealing your ghost
[Verse 3]
Had enough dope
Had enough hope
How do I cope
Where do I go
No one I know
Seen what I seen I’m a lonely soul
I can barely tell a friend from foe
All that I know
Is I don’t know
Where to call home
Where to go
No heart I can stow
In a safe place I’m a dead end joke
Still want to come to the plane?
Let’s go
[Outro x2]
I hate everything
I hate everything
We are not the same I can feel no pain
[Hook x2]

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