Jelly Roll – Demons lyrics

I was talking to my partner the other day
He was telling me about the struggle with in
Himself and his demons then he told me when
He started to understand his demons the more
He started to love them
Lil wyte verse
Woke up this morning in a pool of sweat
Been drinking all month ain’t sobered up yet
I’m on the road year around rain,sleet or snow
Doing shows collecting checks have some issues
The whole team know it this life I live it’s hard not to show it
Everyday is another path for me to stumble down I got to control it. Different city every night I must take flight only
Problem is no plane in sight, I might result in pharmaceuticals
Them percocets go to Lil wyte and I gotta drive first thing tomorrow back to Memphis to see my daughter’s. If I don’t show up they’ll know something is wrong that’s just not they father. Drinking bottles in the studio ??? Groupies in and out
Our tour bus ?? Hard to think without getting mine all this smoke around makes me unsure, do I fall back? Do I pick it up ?,All these demons forcing me to make a choice. I’m hollering
Loud I wanna put this down at the moment they dont hear my voice
Jelly Roll Chorus
I am learning how to live with my demons
I’m learning how to Live with my demons
I’m just trying to be a better father, but it’s
So hard when you’re stuck in that water
I’m learning to live with my demons I think
I’m falling in love wiclean demons
Jelly Verse
I’m trying to grow like the nose on Pinocchio
I can’t lie I’m close to a overdose, all my people
Doing time let’s purpose a toast. I gotta blow now y’all
Ima go for broke. (For Real)
Ex friends looking sour, shows getting crowded, and the crowd
Getting louder. Used to stay up late hours really selling powder
Dirty a** kid barely ever took a shower, I’m a grown man now
And I’m fresh and I’m clean , smoke a little of the weed and I mess with the lean. I got a couple of demons that be messing
With me. The judge want to throw away the key definitely, I
Can’t smoke weed now , cause my P.O tripping, got a son on
The way and his mother is b**hing , I should calm down, shut up and listen,but I keep on touring and keep on f**in with b**hes … TRUTH is …
Probably never settled down
But I’ll never let em down
I’ll probably never get the crown, but life was so much easier
When I was selling pounds
When people was feeling down
I made them feel really proud
I wish my ??? Was still around
This is how I am feeling right now
I am learning to live with my demons
I am learning to live with my demons
I am learning to live with my demons
If you show me any of your darkness
I’ll show you your demons
They say it always takes one to know one
Maybe that’s why you motherf**ers feel like me
Cause I feel like you

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