Kendrick Lamar – Wow Freestyle lyrics

[Intro: Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar]
Ayy K. Dot
Yeah, yeah
Can we get it how we used to get it
Like when Top had the red Charger?
Can we get it how we used to get it
Like when Top had the red Charger?
Can we get it how we used to get it?
[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Cap on, and I got racks on, spent four nights in the country I like
Then I take my rich a** back home
Blow so bright, I could make make moonlight
See this ain’t like your pheromones, blew one, big gun, bare tone
Who won? We won, you’re home, we old school like capitol

My old school made doctor note, my old school made hard knock

Black on black, my coupe ain’t strap, I ain’t balling on these hard tops
I told y’all to call Top, now my number call blocked
I don’t miss, I call shot
Hol’ up, yeah
Cap on and I got racks on (and I got racks on)
And I produced that diesel, I could put shaq on (I could put shaq, ayy)
n***a, your b**h gon’ leave, you ain’t got a backbone (you ain’t got, hol’ up)
I don’t rely on people, I just go and bread chase
Wow, this so f**ing dope, I might catch a fed case
Wow, you ain’t getting money, n***a, then you dead weight
Wow, got the drop on ’em, there he go, checkmate
Wow, we go drop on ’em, y’all better play it safe
[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Cap on, and I got racks on
Don’t be bitter, you’re dope, they reconsider that sh**, be stepped on
Eastside Johnny way out that project, but then I get my rep on

f** your feeling, no question b**h, I k** it, I bring that check home
We old school like domino
My old school made lawyers know
My old school a match box
Black on black, bad b**h in the back, we ballin’ on a hard top
Dot told y’all to call Top
Now my number call blocked
We don’t miss, we call shots, swervin’
I pay ’em no mind mind because I curve ’em
She said I look way better in person
I told her I do better when I’m workin’
You scared motherf**er, go to churches
[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock]
Right back in this b**h, take a flick
Hoe, what’s happening (yeah), we don’t politic
Money clip, like it’s fashion (yeah)
Me and Rock go back like, flipping matresses
Me and Dot go back like knocking adresses
Cap on, cap on, drum hold thirty, no add-on
Lil’ man mad, don’t wanna go bad on
Big heat stamp fold out, when you lack on
You ain’t no man, you a mouse in a rat hole
I hold band, whole stack, that’s factual
Call big ten on a island bashful
f** your plane, I’ma burn that castle
f** that clan, I’ma burn that task force
It’s sick murder when I say go
Hoppin’ out that van with a black ski mask and a great big murder when I say go
Man, I took my chance, and I paint like that, let’ see how further it might go
And it just might hurt you when I go
And my name might curse you when I go, b**h
[Outro: Kendrick Lamar]
In god we trust
Fear no man, but in god we trust
Both palm in hand, prayin’ I stay up
I know you try your best but it’s not like us
Wow, oh you say you got a bad one
Wow, I can tell you never had one
Wow, we back to back acting manie
Wow, east-side Jhonny going stupid, stupid, stupid

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