Marvin Dark – Picture This lyrics

[Verse 1:Marvin Dark]
You make me wanna kiss all up on ya
All above your private islands somewhere
Where the sun is shining down
Picture us laying out time to put the camera down
Its something about this girl, this girl (oh yeah)
Cause you remind me of an angel
You look so beautiful from every different angle
[?] how you say so, oh yeah
I needed a girl to come tame me
No ifs, buts or blame me
Just say please, please
Can He? got a n***a like can he?
Bet you taste just like candy bet you taste just like candy
Woah oh oh oh oh woah
You make you make me you make me you make me
You make me wanna come tonight its going up
Its going up (yeah)
You can never ever show enough

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