Mr Traumatik – Zombies lyrics

Pleased to meet you welcome to the darkness
Born in 1984 you Can call me Marcus,
I’m a drum n ba** performer representing Cardiff
I’m that black belt lyrical martial artist.
Pleased to meet you, welcome to my temple born in 1984, repping Cardiff central, I think I might be psychopathic absolutely mental
I write bars in my brain I don’t even need a pencil.
You can call me Mr Traumatik, who wants to see more magic 187 watch em all vanish you know me I love to cause damage, call me Mr Traumatik, who wants to see more magic 187 watch em all vanish you know me I love to cause damage, Cardiff born and raised grew up abusing p**n and grades doubling dough importing haze my lyrical style and force is great, you might wanna warn me mate wait let me get my story straight of course I’m great I’m more like stake and I might just break mans jaw and face.
Spin a man round just like a cyclone my names Marcus not Tyrone I’ll take your crepes and your iPhone so let’s lay low when they see me, I’m gruesome going on greezy half human half E.T dubstruction to that’s the freebee watch out for traumatised E.P you can buy that sh** on your PC I make music real easy make a p**no watch it on TV with Laura or Phoebe now she’s telling me hold me squeeze me, I make a girl cum easy, honestly believe me.
I do my research I get info Traumatik MC I’m a nympho people been asking me where you been bro I been climbing through the girls window, b**h bend over do the limbo she’s a piece of meat she’s a bimbo, check out my lyrical lingo you will get beaten up just like kimbo, I leave your head top swollen I’m always causing commotion I got dedication and devotion, show no remorse or emotion I been blessed I been chosen flow so cold the mic is frozen Traumatik MC I’m an ocean I’m causing lyrical erosion.
Traumatik my flows are gross take DMT then overdose ill make them budge like a roller coast, when it comes to mics I hold the most, dun kno Cardiff born and raised, trust me blud I know the ropes piss me off I throw the blows now my man is comatosed, I’m beaten up man traumatised big up the girls and all the guys don’t take coke there’s more to life you don’t wanna end up mortified, I’m a lyrically gifted poltergeist move a side or lose your life you don’t wanna end up crucified move a side or lose your life.
The thoughts that I think are so amazing I doubled up my profit so it’s time to get more grades in, K2, Cheese or Kush is what they’re blazing Afghan, Lemon that’s what they’re craving. 24 kilos in my attic that’s baking police officer wanna come and try take it, kicking down my door and he wanna take my payslip my samurai sword leave a police man wasted.
Manamana Mr Traumanamatik forminamidable mic man ill come through with a kung-Fu technique and I’ll lyrically k** em in a fight fam. Manamana Mr Traumanamatik forminamidble mayhem ill come through with a kung-Fu technique and I’ll pick up the mic and spray them. Manamana Mr Traumanamatik forminamidable lyrical criminal kung-Fu with a kung-Fu technique and I lyrically k** em with a lyrical syllable, formidable, forminamidable Traumatiks MCs a war criminal, formidable, forminamidable, forminamidable forminamidable.
I can make a man scarper I’m like a charging rhino, I’m a natural disaster Traumatik MC I’m a psycho, shoaling kung-Fu master sick in the head can make a man die slow, I’m intelligent and I’m smarter I don’t copy it’s just my flow, pick up the mic head darker, no emotion I’m just ice cold and I might draw for the rifle survival mercady rival sick like syphilis anim pitygo and I might k** MCs in a rival you’re never gonna get to the final and I might leave MCs suicidal. Oi dickhead your girl needs lypo, I spray my s**m in her eyeball and then I might piss on her bible, pick up the mic I’m liable, oi DJ slam on the vinyl I write lyrics using a biro, no job, no gyro, I make loads of money from hydro, coulda, coulda been sooner you bought the high grade green from Tyrone, don’t tell the Five-O Piss me off and I’ll go ballistic I leave your head top twisted, disfigured and mangled put my hands round your neck then strangle I’m that lyrical vandal take out MCs from any angle I’m darkness you’re not a fan though supernova too hot to handle Traumatik MCs not atrocious I’m twisted I’m ferocious alakazam Hocus Pocus push me too far then I might go nuts leave a hole in a man like donuts.
You will get lyrically blown up, sick on the mic like somebody thrown up – x2
Go to the move and lyrically tone up lyrically k** em with the flow and blow up.
We’re making the ravers rush and lose breath like asthmatics I got 6 gram ques but allow the mathematics, I write lyrics and design flash graphics, trained in king-Fu now I use black magic. – x2

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