Sal Houdini – I Keep Falling lyrics

Rockin’ that Tommy Hilfiger you got it
Got your heartbroken once now you swearin’ you bout it
You got a man right here giving you everything out his
Pocket I gave you the world what’s to think about and
You just stallin’
I keep fallin’
You got your phone in your hand but you not callin’
Now you drinkin’
Why you simpin’
My doors open for you why you keep on thinkin’
Whatchu thinkin’ about?
Won’t you come right in?
Get your a** in the door
Your friends invited
They been in here since 6
6 in the mornin’
Manager called the room
Lower your voices
I love the noises
You keep on makin’
Everyone’s trippin’ on somethin’
Or drinkin’ on somethin’ there choices
Pick up whatever you want to the boy’s here
Why don’t you pack all your bags cause the boy’s here
I’ll be everywhere you at
Just let me know where you at
Girl I know you got it bad
Yeah baby you got it bad
Leave me a miss call and I’ll call you back
Won’t leave you hangin’ unless you can hang
That p**y mine baby girl that’s a fact
Yeah you know that’s a fact
I keep fallin’
You got your phone in your hand but you not callin’
Why you stallin’?
Not ignoring
You just out having some fun with your fake girlfriends
Just tell me where I can find you
Do you want me inside you?
Do you want to jump to I do?
Cause I don’t know if I do
But I
I keep fallin’
Work with me and understand that I’m too young babe
This is crazy
We’re too crazy
I keep falling
I keep falling
For you baby
Oh, oh

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