Spooky Black – Echoes In My Mind lyrics

[Verse 1: Wiccaphase]
Cry for me, die for me, i know you will
Ease my sorrow i, can’t stop what im feeling i
Call out your name touch you by your legs and i
Know your body song never been so down this long
Hurt me like its what i want, I’ll be so cruel for you
Wrapped up in your arms again i do what i have to do
Its all for you, find me in the night girl i saw you looking right so
Lead me down the path marked red I’m in your head again
Hold me down baby I’m beside myself
I need you, listen i plead to
Anything you blame on me i take it in full
All i want is you now all i see is where you stood
Baby make your way out of my head and slip
Back into my bed back into my bed if only you could see me now
Won’t you come and see me now
All this time i waste where we used to go
Don’t you see my darling this is pitiful
I need you more than ever now
Where did i go wrong with us i found you
Here i felt, your lust i believed it to be true
I believed it to be true

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