Suicideboys – And So It Was lyrics

[Verse 1: Ruby da Cherry]
Turning a blunt to ash like a phoenix
Weed in the bag deleted whenever I feel defeated
Feeling like a gash that keeps bleeding
But even a cut will glisten when the incision is healing
Don’t even know why I rap
I know yall don’t get the meaning
Even though I’m broke I know you see me shining like you staring at the sun
See me loaded like you staring down a gun
The whole world sticking to cash like a piece of f**ing gum
Hell is where I’m from
Well I’m here to pop bubbles and bum
Got bags full of skunk
All I got to do is sell them and I’m f**ing done
[Verse 2: $crim]
See I never look sober
Just looked over
How do you k** a rat?
Turn into a cobra
Got no love for a plantiff
Sold my soul to Satan
Purple always on me like I was drafted by the Ravens
Got them d** in my eyes
Homicide on my mind
Grim Reaper of my time with the 9 on my side
No need for a shooter so make no mistake
You looking d**h in the face when you play with my cake
You know the blunts stay lit
Junkies steady robbing
Let the blade get to work if we got a f**ing problem
Hoes steady jocking
Haters steady knocking
That’s how lifes been ever since we got it popping
[Verse 3: Black Smurf]
See this world f**ed up but I ain’t ready to leave it
Cash on my mind at this point I don’t need sh**
Smoking all the time man I swear it relieves stress
Additude and pain man I swear you can keep it
Grind on the weed so i don’t struggle tomorrow
p**y everyday so I ain’t stuck in the sorrow
She can sprint for the cab
Why you playing, catch up
Lets see how many n***as switch when the money come up
For real, hustle

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