Wes Walker – Jordan Belfort lyrics

I been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort
Stacking penny stocks while I’m flipping these birds
Sipping on Ciroc, trip em up with the words
I just popped a molly and I think this be my third
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort
I been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort
Stacking penny stocks while I’m flipping these birds
[Verse 1 – Wes Walker]
I just flipped a birdy, Money so dirty
Got my b**h a mink, furry like Furby
Came up made a milly, spent it on a rollie
Stackin gouda, feta, chedda cheese in ravioli
Or maybe fettuccine, dirty martini
Ima f** yo b**h, call me Houdini
Drivin Lamborghini, ya ho in a bikini
8 bottles to the neck, 3 wishes from a genie
Benjamin ain’t dirty, but these Franklins be filthy
Always going to court but im never pleadin guilty
Ballin so hard i only be slam dunkin’
Beat steady rock and the trunk straight thumpin
I be ridin foreign pourin merlot while I swerve
Pedal to the medal when im whippin round the curve
Rollin up this marijuana you can smell the herb
And I be getting all this lettuce and I ain’t talkin ice berg
[Verse 2 – Dyl]
Jordan Belfort, Burberry shirt
LV loafers on my sofa in Bel-Air
Turning up daily cuz we can’t turn down at work
I been lighting loud lately
Like my volume switch don’t work
And my cologne is Versace, Medusa got me stoned
I’m always high on something
But I usually like to smoke
We been long time friends, me and Ben Frank
Every f**ing day he needs a ride home from the bank
Muhf**a you dont know me you ain’t in my tax section
My wallet ain’t fat it’s in the gym straight flexing
I don’t call your b**h back and shes checking
Her reception
b**h with double D’s she’s all up on my erection
And I’m in the ovaries but I ain’t about affection
So easily the sober me just
Smokes and then forgets them
Sometimes this life seems a little stressful
Especially when they tell me
That I am something special

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