WNC Whop Bezzy – Don't Start Me lyrics

[Whop Bezzy Talking]
Graaah! b**h you shouldn’a start me. (Okaaaay!)
I’ll put that metal on a b**h just like horshoe
Go anywhere and step just like a horse do
Yo b**h a bopper, when you at work I’m the one she give yo’ f**ing car to
Plus I hold yo’ daughter, yo’ son, and yo’ lil boy too. (I’m Dumb!)
I’ll sit on yo’ couch and roll a blunt
I’ll cut on yo’ TV and watch Sanford and Son
Yo’ lil boys and all that whinin b**h I’m gonna slap yo son
Cause that’s the only way yo p**y a** gone get yo gun
You ain’t dumb, I don’t know who the f** done put that in yo’ head, I don’t know who the f** done told you Whop Bezzy was scared
If I can catch yo a** slipping, I’m going gainst yo mama head
Glock with a extension clip, long as a baby leg
I’m gone do you downbad, it’s over with! Shoot you in yo ribs and make your f**ing shoulder twist
Got so many firearms a n***a shoulderless, he ain’t wanna run until he heard that f**ing cutter split
And my girl diving behind me, plus she’ll cut a b**h
I’m slicker than some butter, b**h I’ll cuff anything but a b**h
I’ll trust anything but a snitch, this ain’t no kiddie poo this water deeper than a b**h
You know I’m with that f** a n***a-b**h
She ain’t even brush her teeth, and tryna s** a n***a dick. Yo p**y a** still talking sh**
I still got on yo slippers, playing yo game b**h. I always hugged yo baby momma b**h I never kissed
I coulda said yo name but ion want em’ in my mix
Like a smith-n-wesson b**h you shoulda took a dick
All that sh** you doing, boy you acting like a hoe
What’s the point of you cuffing, when you know that I can hit?
I’m still with the sh**s, you never was get off my dick
Yo mama come in my yard, sh** I’m gone crack her with a stick
I’m Wreck-N-Crew Whop Bezzy, known to flash on a b**h
You ever take some from me, I’m gone take my f**ing lick
I ain’t have no arms to fight b**h I’ll kick
Ruger my favorite firearm this b**h ain’t got no kick
I can see it in my dreams how I’ma walk down and hit
When I aim it, ion miss. How you gangsta and be walking with a twist?
Carbon hold a 100 make me shoot a flick
This b**h I’m blasting flash like a pic
I’m really with the sh**s, yeah I’m really with the sh**s. b**h I’ll bat you in yo sh** (DUUH!)

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