Young Thug – Old English lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug]
Old English, 800 capsules of Molly
Just be very still, I ain’t gonna hurt anybody
Hell nah, i f** a b**h but if I like it I cop it
I met papi and he said he good at uploading wallets
Catch me ridin’ with them slimes, them my youngins
Catch me boolin’ with them slimes, them my youngins
I be sliming with them slimes cause they my youngins
Catch me sliding with the slimes cause them my youngins
[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Chrissy Carter bezel inside my baby pampers, eww
I get off the work and let the j’s snout the scale
My b**h ride slow with the yay like she get L’s
I wear that white, I cook that white, but I am not no chef
Had a little soda, put the tan on it
I got the sh** for my L O and my shawty want it
I drink more mud than a pig, I think pork want me
And the front of the Mazzi look like a fork don’t it?
Let it breathe
I’m not no rat but Young Thugger be chasing cheese
I want the M’s and I’m not talking Micky D’s
My j**elry gold like the tokens at Chuck E. Cheese
[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Clapping with my youngin’s, couple hundred onions
Breaking down them 20’s what you need, we got it for you
Chop a chicken down, them chicken nuggets for my Cutla**
Spray that Cutla**, threw them Forgiato’s on that motherf**er
Gangsta Gibbs ho’
Fresh up off the powder pan, so low on the ‘94
b**h, I want that powder bag, geekers do that zombie walk
b**h, I let the chopper talk
n***as get to talking, ch-ch-chop ‘em off like Tomahawks
Ch-ch-chop ‘em off like Tomahawks
Eight thousand capsules of molly
Yeah, selling dope, and robbing, momma I dropped out of college
Yeah, jumped off on this rap sh**, I’ve been one hundred solid
Yeah, police ever catch me then they gon’ catch a body
[Verse 3: A$AP Ferg]
One night I was in Santos, it was lit like a candle
I was fly like a bird, I had on Stüssy Bape camo
With a cutie espanol, she had a booty like J-Lo
She had on leggings and sandals, you’ve been trapped in the bando
She has to trap in the bando, ‘cause her momma got cancer
She can’t work in the states because her green papers ain’t legal
f** Obama un peso, she be like grande un peso, push the molly un peso
So she can feed her abuelo, she refuse to just settle
On them shoes with them red soles
And refuse to be nude in front of them dudes on that depot
She can’t lose she just ooze a bunch of ambition like Nepo
Meanwhile I could be ruler, and ride the streets on my Benzo
So, can she get molly, so bicurious off her friends though
Cause I’m feeling birdy like nerdy but he be after the bando
She pop 30’s for Birdy, now Birdy’s up to her head tho’
Hold on I think I see Birdy, and Birdy k**ed my Cuban ho…

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