Bryson Tiller – Just Another Interlude lyrics

(Even though you’re all alone
All alone when I am gone
I just wanna keep you warm
I’m coming back, I’m coming back)
(How I wanna touch) Look at her
(I’m so far away, I’m so, all I wanna)
(How I wanna touch) Look at lil mama, man Look at her
(I’m so far away, I’m so, all I wanna) That ain’t my
[Verse 1]
That ain’t my, that ain’t my girl, that’s my n***a
Catch me out on Ocean Drive wit’ her
Aye, catch me in the whip ridin’ wit’ her
Hey, sippin’ somethin’, bumpin’ BIG “Hypnotize” wit’ her
Pray you get that job in Tampa
That’s only 4 hours away
Take a car, take a plane
Baby, whichever is faster
Uh, whichever one isn’t a ha**le
Aw damn yeah, uh
Never knew no I never knew
That, you’d be a freak and a friend too, yeah
You into everything I’m into, ho
I got some end that I can lend you, ho
A piece of mind, baby come and get a piece of mine, chea
Say you gotta work from 3 to 9, oh
I’ll get you home by a decent time
Wait, f** yo’ bed you can sleep in mine, yeah
Let’s make it happen girl I need some time
Speakin’ of time, who stopped it?
That’s the feelin’ that I get when we lock lips
I got the weed at the crib, and the liquor too
I f** your soul out, releasin’ your spiritual
I’ll be yo’ muse, bring your easel and pencils, too
Here you go, you tryna’ tease wit’ them pictures
You can ride on me, just like you ride the elliptical
She said, “I’m tryna’ keep it tight for my n***a'”
Girl unlike your last n***a’, all I need is mental
You know I’ll work you out, get you right wit’ your physical
Oh it’s just another interlude
Askin’ all them questions
Girl you know I don’t do interviews
It’s pitiful that when I’m wit’ them other b**hes I pretend it’s you
[Verse 2]
Oh, you work at Kohl’s, you in Dental school
Wifey now, you foldin’ clothes, cookin’ dinner too
Young Tiller, girl I’m known as Pen Griffey too
It’s only right that I swing by and hit it too
First base, second base, third base
I’m tryna’ get you in your birthday (suit)
I know these other n***a’s thirsty
But please never entertain ‘em cause’ that would hurt me
You feel me, yeah
I know you feel me, oh
I know you feel me, yeah yeah yeah
Woah, woah, huh
Girl I know you feel me, yeah yeah yeah
So much to look forward to baby
Let’s not rush into it, nah
Let’s not rush into it
When we get to it, we can give it all that we got
Ahhhh, too lit for this sh** right now
Too busy for this sh** right now
Hey, don’t wanna talk about this sh** right now
I’mma wait and let you simmer down
You wasn’t wit’ it, but you wit’ it now
Don’t tell him that you f**in’ wit’ Tiller
Nah please don’t
You’re still on your way

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