Mystikal – Make 'Em Say Uhh lyrics

[Rappin 4-Tay] No Limit Studios, wha**up?
[Random Caller] Who dis is? Who dis is?
[R4T] n***a, this Rappin 4-Tay, who is this?
Oh this is P
[R4T] P?!
Yeah this is P!
[R4T] P?!
[R4T] If this P lemme hear ya say ungggggggggggh
UngnGNGYAHAHgngnnghh *voice cracking*
[R4T] This ain’t no motherf**in P!
Man, hang the phone up
[Hook: Master P & No Limit]
Na-nah na-nah (na-nah na-nah)
[Verse 1: Master P]
n***a, I’m the colonel of the motherf**in tank
Y’all after big thangs, we after big bank
3rd Ward hustlas, soldiers in combats
Convicts and dealers, and k**ers with TRU tats
Never gave a f** bout no hoes on our riches
And n***as come short, I’m diggin ditches
M.P. pullin stripes, commander-in-chief
And fools run up wrong, n***a I’m knockin out some teeth
I’m down here slangin, rollin with these hustlers
Tryin to get rid of all you haters and you bustas
Steppin on toes, break a n***as nose
In the projects n***as anything goes
Breakin fools off cause I’m a No Limit soldier
At ease now salute, this pa** me the doja
[Verse 2: Fiend]
Fiend exercisin his right of exorcism, bustin out the Expedition
Bullets choppin haters business to about the size of prisms our mission
They heard we scary, No Limit mercenary
No tellin how bad it get, because the worst’ll vary
I heard you make em worry, that this for the loot
They intimidated by the rounds that the tank shoot
Tank Dogs salute! Every robbery in store, cause they know
Everything Fiend know, mean mo’ money mo’
Little Fiend still want the greens, the cornbread and the cabbage
In your hood, remindin you b**hes of who the baddest
Definitely the maddest, so the crime gon’ stick em up
My UNGGGGGGH went twice (ungh, ungh)
And ended with nine, get em
[Verse 3: Silkk the Shocker]
P gon’ make ya say UNGGGGGGH, I’mma make you say OWWWWWWWW
I’m not Eric B. but guaranteed to move this motherf**in crowd
I stay on like light switches, money, cause I like riches
Hittin nothin but tight b**hes, call me, I might hit ya
n***a make em say nah-nah-nah, don’t trip
After I bust yo’ sh**, then after that say na-nah-nah-nah
I hang with n***as, I do my thang with n***as (unggggh)
They wanna know if I g**n, cause I hang with a whole gang of n***as
So when, we connect b**h better respect this, I step quick
Cause I got a, vicious right hand but ya know what? My left is quick too!
Silkk, you the type of n***a that promotes violence? You might be right
Cause I’ll step in the club and say somethin
To get that motherf**er start to, fightin!! (Bout it!!)
Bad as Vogues, I’m cold, extra see through
Be G’s f**in knockin n***as cause I make em all see 3-D
And P-D’s the game that I spit, No Limit Soldiers got my back
I run this motherf**er, TRU n***as
And I betcha I’ll make yall stay back!
[Verse 4: Mia X]
We capitalize and monopolize on everything we see keep pistols drawed
And cocked, we got the industry locked, we can’t be stopped, too hot
Check the spots that we got, on Billboard
This Tank can set up roadblocks, we fadin all you hoes
Want some mo? Then let’s go, stretch you out like elastic
Zip that a** up in plastic, have ya folks pickin caskets
We drastic, our tactics is homegrown in the ghetto
So feel the wrath of this sista, it’s like you fightin 10 n***as
Forget the baby boys, it’s the biggest mamma Mia
The Unlady Like diva, lyrical man eater, believe her
Or see her, and get that a** embarra**ed
If you’re a decision maker, guaranteed you’ll get carried away
So stay in yo’ place, when ya hear mamma speakin
Cannon spray, clear the way, when ya see The Tank creepin
[Verse 5: Mystikal]
I’m that n***a that rappers look up to when they won’t know how to do it
Used to be the little bitty skinny motherf**er with the braids in his hair
Used to live on Tchoupitoulas
I done paid my dues, but still played the blues
n***a play me like you was scared to lose
I’m still a fool, you ain’t heard the news
I was a No Limit n***a, makin major moves
I won’t stop now, b**h, I can’t stop
You can’t stop me, so b**h don’t try we
We TRU soldiers, we don’t die
We keep rollin, na-nah-nah-nah-nah
All aboard, b**h could get barely inside
The Riverboat Hallelujah
n***as goin to war, got to fightin and shootin inside Rumors
b**hes be sayin he there, we there, BEWARE!!!
C there, Silkk there Fiend there, Mamma there, P there
Ain’t no salary cap, on top of my dollars
I roll with nothin, but them No Limit riders
I gets down n***a, I hold my tank up high
Watch how many b**hes get wild, na-nah na-nah

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