Ceza – Suspus Lyrics

Göz gözü görmüyor hep pus Takipteler ses etme sus! Bir vakit donmuştu beynim Düzlükteyken bitmiş seyrim Göz gözü görmüyor hep pus Takipteler ses etme sus! Durma git enerjini kus! Zaten çok soğuk etraf buz Hiç yalan der misin (a-ah!)? Pek dert dinler misin (a-ah!)? Ya bayat yer misin (a-ah!)? İnsan seçer misin (a-ah!)? Dikkatli izlersen … Read more

Captain Sparklez – TNT Lyrics

I came to dig dig dig dig I’ll build a city oh so big big big big Just wait a sec, gotta kill this pig pig pig pig Cook me some bacon and take a swig swig swig swig Yeah, yeah There must be something I can craft To ease the burden of this task … Read more

Cole Swindell – Her Lyrics

[Verse 1] That girl walks into a party Looking like a million in a dress from Target The reason why every head in the whole room turns That’s her Red light little white Honda Strawberry blonde that she got from her mama Blowing out the window then she’s gone in a beautiful blur That was … Read more

Chuck Berry – Ramona Say Yes Lyrics

Ramona, Ramona, Ramona, where’d you get that dress ? The neckline’s down south, the hemline’s way out west All in favour of Ramona’s style, say yes Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Oh, Ramona, dancing in her brand new dress Ramona, you know, Ramona, you can do the monkey best All in favour of Ramona’s … Read more

Chromeo – Must’ve Been Lyrics

(feat. DRAM) [Intro: DRAM] I must’ve been, babe Ooh, babe, yeah yeah [Verse 1: Dave 1] One hit of you, I went through the roof Your love’s so strong, that’s a hundred proof Too much of you, I ain’t drivin’ home No, I ain’t spendin’ the night alone [Pre-Chorus: Dave 1] All this lyin’ got … Read more

Callalily – Insane Lyrics

I can’t sleep alone no more Since the day I first heard your voice I lie awake in bed With thoughts of you in my head [Pre-Chorus:] I know I don’t deserve you But thank God I’ve found you To have you and to hold you Would be the greatest thing That I could ever … Read more

Chevelle – Comfortable Liar Lyrics

Broad, is this sea The salt, enters the wounds My take, on you is simple So heal, your fear To heal, your fear Time, spent wading off shore The calm, before the storm My take, from you is simple So heal, your fear To heal, your fear You’re such a comfortable liar You’re such a … Read more

Coboy Junior – Eeaa Lyrics

Hei kamu hatiku dag dig dug Saat aku melihatmu jatuh di hadapanku Membuat aku buru-buru mendekatimu Langsung ku tanyakan apa kau baik-baik saja Kau bingung, ”memang aku jatuh darimana?” *Courtesy of Liriklaguindonesia. Net Kau bidadari jatuh dari surga di hadapanku eeeaa Kau bidadari jatuh dari surga tepat di hatiku eeeaa So baby please be mine, … Read more

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