Dosti Lyrics – RRR | Amit Trivedi

Azgar Aur Baaz Ki Saagar Jhanjhar Ki Jhalki Angaar Se Saahil Majhdhaar Ki Baaghi Jallad Ki Dosti Kis Or Chali Yeh Aandhi Aayegi Kaisi Kranti Sangram Ya Sangam Ki Lehre Layegi Dara Dum Dara Dum Dara Dum Dum Dara Dum Dara Dum Dara Dum Dum Dara Dum Dara Dum Dara Dum Dum Dum Dara Dum … Read more

Desh Mere Lyrics – Bhuj | Arijit Singh

Oh Desh Mere Teri Shan Pe Sadke Koyi Dhan Hai Kya Teri Dhool Se Badh Ke Teri Dhoop Se Raushan Teri Hawa Pe Jinda Tu Baag Hai Mera Main Tera Parinda Hai Arz Yeh Deewane Ki Jahan Bhor Suhani Dekhi Ik Roz Wahin Meri Sham Ho Kabhi Yaad Kare Jo Zamana Maati Pe Mar Mit … Read more

DJ Khaled – Higher Lyrics

(feat. Nipsey Hussle & John Legend) [Intro: DJ Khaled] We The Best music DJ Khaled [Chorus: John Legend] Oh, you keep taking me higher and higher (Yeah) But don’t you know that the devil is a liar? (Yeah, I know) They’d rather see me down, put my soul in the fire But we keep goin’ … Read more

Dolly Parton – Traveling Man Lyrics

The man I loved ran a salesman route Selling goods from house to house Now I knew my mama would never stand For me stepping out with no traveling man Mama bought things that he was a’selling But mama didn’t know and I sure wasn’t telling That behind her back I was making plans To … Read more

Dia Frampton – The Broken Ones Lyrics

I know they’ve hurt you bad. Wide, the scars you have. Baby let me straighten out your broken bones, All you faults to me make you more beautiful. I can’t help it, I love the broken one, The ones who, Need the most patching up. The ones who’ve, Never been loved, Never been loved, Never … Read more

Dennis Lloyd – Playa (Say That) Lyrics

Baby last night, baby last night I was talkin to myself, walking left to the right Baby hold on tight, get on the fuckin’ flight I made up my mind, I don’t want you by my side ’cause You call me You hold me What you’re sayin to me What you’re fuckin sayin to me … Read more

Drake – Do What You Do Lyrics

[Talking:] I do this for ya’ll man Malice, Nickelus F, it’s the remix! [Verse 1: Malice] [Background:] Are-E you-P G-A-N-G Are-E you-P G-A-N-G [Chorus:] Stance on lean, leg up on the wall My people they chill, why you haters wanna ball I’m satisfied with a little, why you haters want it all You waiting for … Read more

Dorian Electra – Man To Man Lyrics

[Intro] Man to man You gotta let me in [Verse 1] You know I ain’t straight But imma say it straight to you I look you in the face Every time I talk to you I want to be clear And not convolute I’ll say what I mean I expect the same from you [Pre-Chorus] … Read more

Don Williams – You’re My Best Friend Lyrics

You placed gold on my finger you brought love like I’ve never known You gave life to our children and to me a reason to go on You’re my bread when I’m hungry you’re my shelter from troubled winds You’re my anchor in life’s ocean but most of all you’re my best friend When I … Read more

Don Moen – Here We Are Lyrics

Chorus: Here we are lifting our hands to You Here we are, giving You thanks for all You do As we praise, and worship Your holy name You are here, dwelling within our praise. For every answer prayer For always being there For love that hears us when we call For arms that lift us … Read more

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