Eraserheads – Pare Ko Lyrics

O pare ko..meron akong problema.. Wag mong sabihing na naman.. In love ako sa isang kolehiyala.. Hindi ko maintindihan.. Wag na nating “ma-boteng” usapan.. Lalo lang madaragdagan.. ang sakit ng ulo at bilbil sa tiyan.. Anong sarap..kami’y naging magkaibigan.. Napuno ako ng pag-asa.. Yun pala haggang do’n lang ang kaya.. Akala ko ay pwede … Read more

Elton John – Too Young Lyrics

Your mother’s eyes look straight through me Whenever we meet Your father swears it’ll never be As long as he breaths And how many times have they told you That you’re too young How, how I’ve ached to hold you But you’re too young If we don’t buy what’s right or wrong Then we are … Read more

Emma Blackery – Undercover Lover Lyrics

[Verse 1] When we first met You used to call me baby You said you love me Now I barely hear a word you’re saying And when your friends ask if you and me are dating You’re looking guilty, shuffling your feet and hesitating [Pre-Chorus 1] Well fuck that, I don’t need that Don’t want … Read more

Evanescence – Lost In Paradise Lyrics

I’ve been believing In something so distant As if I werent human And I’ve been denying This feeling of hopelessness In me, in me All the promises I made Just to let you down You believed in me but I’m broken I have nothing left And all I feel is this cruel wanting We’ve been … Read more

Enchi – Baboy Lyrics

Kung akoy mahimong baboy Ihigot sa inyong silong Kung aduna moy kaluoy Pakauna lang ug tae Kun ako’y mahimong tae Ipapilit sa inyong haligi Kung aduna moy kaluoy Ipakaon lang sa inyong baboy [Chorus 1] Kung wa-nay baboy Sa inyong silong Wa-nay mukitkit Sa igit nga hinpilit Sa inyong haligi (2x) If I’m going to … Read more

Eminem – Get Money Lyrics

[Intro:] Yeah, yeah, I get it I run this rap shit, now guess who’s back You thought I left you, now why would I do that? (1, 2, 3) X2 [Verse] They keep on sayin’ the same rappers are the best Jay-Z and Kanye West, maybe they’re just tryna distract it From the fact that … Read more

Eli Young Band – Skin & Bones Lyrics

[Chorus] She’s in my skin and bones She’s grace and glory She’s a backroads home She’s a long story Yeah, the one goodbye that I can’t even imagine She’s a well thought out plan and I don’t know how it happened She’s in my skin and bones She’s in my skin and bones [Verse 1] … Read more

Emilie Simon – Flowers Lyrics

I want to buy you flowers It’s such a shame you’re a boy But when you are not a girl Nobody buys you flowers I want to buy you flowers And now I’m standing in the shop I must confess I wonder If you will like my flowers You are so sweet and I’m so … Read more

Elvis Presley – First In Line Lyrics

When they gave out eyes like diamonds That would shame the stars that shine My darlin’ my darlin’ You were the first in line When they gave out lips like honey That hold a new thrill every time My darlin’ my darlin’ You were the first in line There may be others that know you … Read more

Evergreen Terrace – Untitled Lyrics

You say everything comes If you don’t turn your back And I wait everyday Sometimes this patience I lack Because it’s just More of the same More of the same And I just need you To remember my name More of the same More of the same And I just need you. It takes all … Read more

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