Hootie & The Blowfish – I’ll Come Running Lyrics

It’s been such a long time since I haven’t seen your face There’s a tear on your cheek, where your smile used to be ‘Cause I’m going away We’ve had such a good time, though we knew this day might come So when you hold me tonight, squeeze a little tighter ‘Cause in the morning … Read more

Gangsta Boo – They Don’t Love Me Lyrics

[Chorus 4x] They don’t love me I don’t love them Well they say fuck me Nigga I say fuck them [Gangsta Boo] See the main reason why I step my foot up in this shit Crazy lady as a baby had the dreams to making it rich As I get it, niggas get it, roadies … Read more

Fleetwood Mac – Miles Away Lyrics

Written by Bob Welch. The swamp is getting deeper all the time And the faces that I see don’t seem to shine Now there’s too much Warhol hanging off the wall And the mystery that there used to be is gone Let me go Miles away Let me ride Just miles away Don’t wanna know … Read more

Fiona Apple – Please Please Please Lyrics

Please please please No more melodies They lack impact, they’re petty They’ve been made up already Please please please No more maladies I’m so tired of crying You’d think I was a siren But me and everybody’s on the sad same team And you can hear our sad brain screaming Give us something familiar Something … Read more

Frank Sinatra – They All Laughed Lyrics

The odds were a hundred to one against me The world thought the heights were too high to climb But people from Missouri never incensed me Oh, I wasn’t a bit concerned For from hist’ry I had learned How many, many times the worm had turned They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said … Read more

Future – Where I Came From Lyrics

[Chorus] I’m true to the game, and fuck all that playin’ You see where I came from Got that dope in my hand, they try to jump out the van You know where I came from That 30-round clip, fuck all that playin’ You know where I came from Chevy Impallas and Regals, Man 23 … Read more

Foo Fighters – Generator Lyrics

Lately I’m getting better Wish I could stay sick with you But there’s too many egos left to bruise Call it sin, you can call it whatever Eating deep inside of you Well if it were me, it’s all I’d ever do Steal me now and forever I’ll steal something good for you The criminal … Read more

Finger Eleven – Shudder Lyrics

So sad to everyone Did not occur to you Wake up an empty shell Someone to crawl into Dead days refuse to dream The blanket still asleep Concealing every flaw Till you uncover me Could it be that i’m fading far away straight out of it No truth i can confirm No truth that i … Read more

Feint – Paradise Lost Lyrics

[Verse 1] Imagine, the world without pain Imagine, the world without sadness Imagine, the world without fear Imagine [Verse 2] Imagine, the world without pain Without fear, without sadness Without all of the things you want to disappear Imagine, that every single day is not another battle Imagine.. imagine [Outro] All of the hatred that … Read more

Foolproof – I’ll Be The One Lyrics

I’ll be the one to steal the show, Ran out of gas with no where to go, So walk with me now, Cause I know that you are the one, Take me on, Take me over. I’ll be the one to steal the show, Ran out of gas with no where to go, So walk … Read more

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