Justin Moore – Someday I Gotta Quit Lyrics

[Verse] I woke up cussing Jack Daniels today Can almost hear him laughing in my head He ain’t the kinda guy I hang out with Man, someday I gotta quit I killed that guilt with some getting to church on time But I couldn’t make it through the sermon again Without packing a little calm-down … Read more

Jason Isbell – Live Oak Lyrics

There’s a man who walks beside me 
It is who I used to be 
And I wonder if she sees him 
and confuses him with me 
And I wonder who she’s pinin’ for 
on nights I’m not around 
Could it be the man who did the things 
I’m living now ? 
I was rougher than … Read more

Juice WRLD – Forever Lyrics

[Intro: Juice WRLD & Yuna] Yeah I want us forever I want you forever I want this forever DRMZ, you a fool for this one Like, listen Forever in my mind, only you The pieces in my life, go right with you I really care for you Forever in my mind, only you I really … Read more

Jennifer Paige – Crush Lyrics

Ahh, crush, ahhh I see ya blowin’ me a kiss It doesn’t take a scientist To understand what’s going on baby If you see something in my eye Let’s not over analyze Don’t go too deep with it baby So let it be what it’ll be Don’t make a fuss and get crazy over you … Read more

Johnny Gill – What Is This Lyrics

What’s your name girl and What’s this thing baby Don’t even act like your suprised I see it when I look in your eyes And I know you Know when too So let’s not play this game Of pickup moves, baby Let’s take our time girl No need to rush, and I wanna see everything … Read more

Journey – Escape Lyrics

He’s just a young boy out of school Livin’ his world like he wants to They’re makin’ laws, but they don’t understand Turns a boy in to a fightin’ man They won’t take me They won’t break me No one could tell him what to do Had to learn everything the hard way He’s on … Read more

Jenni Rivera – Ese Hombre Lyrics

(Homenaje a Lupita Dalessio) Ese hombre que tu vez ahi, que parece tan galante Tan atento y arrogante, lo conozco como a mi Ese hombre que tu vez ahi, que aparenta ser divino Tan amable y efusivo, solo sabe hacer sufrir Es un gran necio, un estupido engreido, egoista y caprichoso Un payaso vanidoso, inconsciente … Read more

JAY-Z – Caught Their Eyes Lyrics

(feat. Frank Ocean) [Intro: Frank Ocean] Ready for it I’m ready for it Yeah, ahh [Bridge: JAY-Z] Eastside nigga with the feets high Nigga with that Lisa, uh Talkin’ about that Lisa, nigga, with that Westside, nigga With that Eastside, that dance, uh [Verse 1: JAY-Z] Your eyes speak the truth when everything else lies … Read more

Jerry Jeff Walker – London Homesick Blues Lyrics

1st verse Well, when you’re down on your luck, And you ain’t got a buck, In London you’re a goner. Even London Bridge has fallen down, And moved to Arizona, Now I know why. And I’ll substantiate the rumor that the English sense of humor Is drier than than the Texas sand. You can put … Read more

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