Leona Lewis – I Got You Lyrics

A place to crash I Got You No need to ask I Got You Just get on the phone I Got You Come and pick you up If I have to What’s weird about it Is we’re right at the end Ain’t mad about it Just figured it out in my head I’m proud to … Read more

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Workin’ For Mca Lyrics

Seven years of hard luck, comin’ down on me From the Florida border, yea up to Nashville Tennessee I worked in every joint you can name, mister every honkytonk Along come Mr Yankee Slicker, sayin’ maybe you’re what I want [Chorus:] Want you to sign your contract Want you to sign today Gonna give you … Read more

Kelly Clarkson – Tip Of My Tongue Lyrics

Never Saw ‘i Love You’ as a trend ‘Cause I don’t really work like that I mean what I say when it leaves my lips Oh, Nothin’ you could say would change my heart ‘Cause I don’t really work like that If you’d only let me in I’d show ya But I’m Tired of Workin’ … Read more

Kiss – Dark Light Lyrics

LOOK OUT, Cause there’s something wrong And you don’t know what it is WATCH OUT, Or it’s Sodom and Gommorah The malevolent order RIGHT NOW, Before it’s much too late Before it’s much too late A dark light—A darkness never ending A dark light—The devil gets his due A dark night—Is everywhere descending A dark … Read more

Kiprich – The Letter Lyrics

[Intro: Woman Voice (Kiprich)] So Kippo, yuh seh affa mi tek wey yuh phone every ting arrite (Yes baby everyting alrite) (Yuh nuh hav pen?) Yea man mi have pen, Yuh want some paypa too? (Yea yeah yeah) Wey yaw guh duh? Write song? (Yea inna mi room) (Write song? Psssh) [Chorus:] Mi have a … Read more

Kingston Trio – Bottle Of Wine Lyrics

Chorus: Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, when you gonna let me get sober. Leave me alone. Let me go home. Let me go home and start over. Well, I’ve rambled around this dirty old town singing for nickels and dimes. Times getting’ rough. I can’t get enough to buy me a little bottle … Read more

Karol G – A Ella Lyrics

Ella jugó a darte lo que más querías Yo jugué a creerte que nunca lo harías Ella con un beso, yo con mil razones Para estar confiando en tus explicaciones Ella te dio algo, mientras tú te arriesgabas Yo te lo di todo, tú no quisiste nada Ella es un segundo y yo era para … Read more

Killswitch Engage – A Bid Farewell Lyrics

I will bid farewell, sever the ties. Is this what I am? Is this all that’s left? Turn from deceit, the love of self is death, deliverance is given to you I will bid farewell sever the ties Now your heart beats back with deception, you have been forsaken Leave behind (i will) all reminders … Read more

Kenny Rogers – Sweet Music Man Lyrics

I wouldn’t listen and I couldn’t see And all I have left now are words you said to me, Sing your song sweet music man, ‘cos I won’t be there to hold your hand like I used to, I’m thro’ with you. You’re a hell of a singer and a powerful man But you surround … Read more

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