Alyssa Reid – Hurricane Lyrics

[Verse:] Lights out, I know where we can go So right and yea you’re out of control You cut me off but I wanna go all night long [Verse:] I’m out my mind, it’s a wonderful mess Bright lights and I just gotta confess Black eyes, you get me every time [Pre-Chorus:] Ain’t got no … Read more

Leroy – New World Lyrics

Raised the prices yesterday At the grocery store Reckless man hangin’ out front Always gets ignored Can we ever solve these problems In our changing world? Will our children ever get To play out in the yard? There’s a new kinda world that’s takin’ over It’s got devils, it’s got angels sittin’ on my shoulders … Read more

Live – Pillar Of Davidson Lyrics

Warm bodies I sense are not machines that can only make money Past perfect tense, words for a feeling and all I’ve discovered I’ll be alone son with medicine supposed to designed to make you high I’ll be alone son with words for a feeling and all I’ve discovered Old bad eyes, old bad eyes, … Read more

Lil Wayne – Workin Em Lyrics

That’s why yo’ bitch want a real nigga like me [x2] She want to give that pussy to a nigga like me [x2] I be pimpin them hoes[x3] Pimp pimpin them hoes I be workin them bitches[x3] Work workin them bitches [Verse 1] Weezy F. Baby The mothafuckin Carter Bitches on my stick, but my … Read more

Logic – All I Do Lyrics

[Intro] Ayo, shout out to Black Diamond. I got them Nikes on my feet as we speak, homie. Shout out to Mac Miller [Chorus] All I do is rhyme, all I do is get this money All I do is grind, play shows and chill with honeys All I do is shine, tour the world, … Read more

Live – The Dolphin’s Cry Lyrics

The way you’re bathed in light Reminds me of that night God laid me down into your rose garden of trust And I was swept away With nothin’ left to say Some helpless fool Yeah I was lost in a swoon of peace You’re all I need to find So when the time is right … Read more

LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge Lyrics

Yeah, I’m losing my edge. I’m losing my edge. The kids are coming up from behind. I’m losing my edge. I’m losing my edge to the kids from France and from London. But I was there. I was there in 1968. I was there at the first Can show in Cologne. I’m losing my edge. … Read more

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