Next To Normal – I’ve Been Lyrics

Dan: Standing in this room Well I wonder what comes now. I know I have to help her But hell if I know how. And all the times that I’ve been told The way her illness goes The truth of it Is no one really knows And every day this act we act Gets more … Read more

NAV – Glow Up Lyrics

[Verse 1] Double G buckle tucked under my shirt I taste Codeine when I burp I bought a Bentley forgot it insured You just so broke, boy you get on my nerves What would I do if the music ain’t work? If I [?] I couldn’t tell nouns from a verb But I could sell … Read more

Natural Selection – Do Anything Lyrics

Feat. Niki Haris Do anything Oh yeah Whatcha gonna do for me Whatcha gonna do for my love Just can’t Just can’t get Just can’t get enough Talk to me Hey I really love you Love you so so much Put my lady next to you To always feel your touch Every lttle thing you … Read more

N.W.A – Something Like That Lyrics

[Dre] Ah yeah, yo Ren, yo ready to do this shit? [Ren] Yeah, Dre, let’s rip shit up [Dre] Hey, yo Yella Boy, why don’t you kick me one of them Funky beats? [Ren] Yo, we got my homeboy Eazy E in the house [Dre] Compton’s definately in the house. Yo Ren, whatta we gonna … Read more

Nico Vega – Be Giving Lyrics

Say we will be giving We won’t be cheap, we will be willing We’ll pray for what we have in honor Of the fortune we’ll give thanks to the past I’m gonna drive off naked with the top down, Even if I don’t make it to the next town, I’m gonna sleep on the floor … Read more

N.O.R.E. – Scared Money Lyrics

[Intro:] [N. O. Are. E] Grab the baking soda homie (Evidence!) Huh, huh (why?) I’ma show them how to whip it up for Ricky do ya! (Scared money, scared money, scared money, sacred money) [Hook:] Scared money don’t make no money, (Uh huh) Scared money don’t make no money, (Uh huh) Scared money don’t make … Read more

Nicole Scherzinger – Pretty Lyrics

When I was your woman And you was my man You used to say the sweetest things to me But you was always good like that You used to tell I was pretty But guess that you were the… But it was nothing more than boring to you Being with the perfect ten So my, … Read more

Noah Cyrus – Punches Lyrics

[Verse 1] Honey, feels my worlds burnt down I’m trying to put it out I’m trying but don’t know how Honey, I’m drowning in all my doubt I’m trying to start again I try but I’m struggling [Pre-Chorus] Oh, after all this time, got nothing to lose Oh, after all this time, see nothing but … Read more

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