Keira Knightley – Lost Stars Lyrics

Please don’t see just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies. Please see me reaching out for someone I can’t see. Take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow. Best laid plans; sometimes are just a one night stand. I’ll be damned; Cupid’s demanding back his arrow. So let’s get drunk on … Read more

Rihaayi De Lyrics – Mimi | A.R. Rahman

Teri Tarah Lagta Tu Hai Yeh Tu Magar Hai Nahi Chehra Tera Hassta Toh Hai Aankhein Magar Khush Kyun Nahi Kaun Samjhe Dard Tere Kaun Tujhko Rihaayi De Rihaayi De Rihaayi De Rihaayi De Rihaayi De Kyun Teri Khwaishein Khatam Hui Shaunk Tere Darajo Mein Kaid Hue Jaagi Nigahon Ke Sapne Tere Surkh Jo The … Read more

Ranjha Lyrics – Shershaah | B Praak

Roothi Ae Sabte Rabba Rabba Dil Bhi Hai Rootha Sab Kuchh Hai Bikhra Bikhra Bikhra Sa Rootha Rootha Chup Maahi Chup Hai Ranjha Bole Kaise Ve Na Ja Bole Kaise Ve Na Ja Aaja Aaja Bole Kaise Ve Na Ja Bole Kaise Ve Na Ja Chup Maahi Chup Hai Ranjha Aaja Aaja Ve Mera Dola … Read more

Rush – Clockwork Angels Lyrics

High above the city square, Globes of light float in midair Higher still against the night: Clockwork angels made alive! You promise every treasure to the foolish and the wise. Goddesses are mysteries, spirits in disguise. Every pleasure, we bow and close our eyes: Oh, clockwork angels, promise of reprise! [Chorus:] Clockwork angels spread their … Read more

Robert Palmer – One Last Look Lyrics

Well it seems such a long time Since our love had it’s day You hope it knew the times I tried not let you slip away Not always eye to eye looking at what’s new You know it wont be easy, being without you You have to go, is there something you must find? Take … Read more

Ringo Starr – Back Off Boogaloo Lyrics

Back off Boogaloo I said Back off Boogaloo Come on Back off Boogaloo Boo. What d’yer think you’re gonna do I gotta flash right from the start. Wake up meat head don’t pretend that. You are dead get yourself up off the cart. Get yourself together now And give me something tasty. Evrything you try … Read more

Richie Rich – Let’s Ride Lyrics

Something about the West Coast… Shhh… Don’t tell nobody [Something about the West Coast It makes me wanna ride Something about the West Coast Shake it westsiide Throw ya hands up let’s riide To the city of the scene Put it on the one get ya body on the dance floor Something about the West … Read more

The Rolling Stones – Melody Lyrics

Melody, it was her second name Melody, it was her second name Melody, it was her second name Melody, it was her second name Came home one morning about quarter to three I’m banging on my door cause I just lost my key Open up, baby, you got someone else inside I’m going to come … Read more

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